Pat Corrigan’s support enriches our art collection

Pat Corrigan’s support enriches our art collection

Pat Corrigan has spent the past 40 years developing and managing successful businesses in the freight industry while being a leading philanthropist – and donating considerable funds and works of art to institutions around the country.

Macquarie University Art Gallery is one benefactor of this generosity. The artist Alan Jones who Pat has lent support kindly gifted his portrait of Pat titled Corro, which was a finalist in the 2013 Archibald Prize.

Pat says he donates to galleries like MUAG because he finds it enjoyable and he likes helping people. “There is a sense of achievement in collecting and donating art. It’s also a means of helping the artists themselves, and that is very important to me.Corro was unveiled in December 2016 at the Donor Artwork Exhibition Launch at the University. The exhibition acknowledged the ongoing generosity of the benefactors, and artists like Patrick, who continue to enrich the Macquarie University Art Collection. Universities have acknowledged their responsibility as agents in building civic responsibility and social capital, and helping communities to better understand and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Philanthropic support is vital for the continued development of the gallery, which offers regular, changing exhibition programs, as well as the Macquarie University Sculpture Park. The works are used in both learning and research, as well as to engage students, staff, visitors and the wider community.

Your donation to Macquarie University will help us support our students and our community.

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