Giving Large – mobility scholarship to help Chinese students in need

Giving Large – mobility scholarship to help Chinese students in need

The Hong Kong Mobility Fund, which provides scholarships for Chinese students studying at Macquarie University, has been given a massive boost with a $2 million donation.

The fund offers promising students in China and Hong Kong the opportunity to study for their chosen degree at Macquarie – an opportunity that might otherwise have been out of reach. “Studying abroad, for all or part of a degree, has immeasurable benefits, providing students with greater comparative learning, an openness to diversity and a well-rounded learning experience,” says Vice-Chancellor Professor S Bruce Dowton. “It’s incredibly important to us that students from around the world are able to study and learn at Macquarie, and scholarships like these play a key role in making this possible.

The donation, which is the biggest the University has ever received, was made by Mr Li Sze Lim, a successful businessman and philanthropist from Hong Kong. He is strongly committed to community service and has generously contributed to education, public health, law enforcement, elderly care, poverty reduction, improvement of transportation and international cultural exchanges.

Funds from the $2 million endowment will be put directly into the program. Commenting on the generous grant, Professor Dowton said: “Donations like this are an important enabler of study, and the generosity of Mr Lim is unparalleled in our 50-year history.

Give an opportunity for students from China and Hong Kong to study their chosen degree at Macquarie University.

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