Donations save lives, support students

Donations save lives, support students

Academic scholarships give life-changing access to education to students limited by geography, disability or financial hardship, while donations to the University’s not-for-profit hospital fund research into treatments for cancer and other diseases.


Coming from a small, rural town in northern New South Wales, Miranda Wakefield wanted to be a teacher, but felt that her opportunities for a tertiary education were limited.

The first person in her family to complete Year 12, Miranda’s only chance for university was to study for a Certificate III while working long hours for 5 years to support herself. Then in 2015 she received wonderful news: she had  been awarded a scholarship to study a Bachelor of Early Education at Macquarie University. Scholarships like these support young Australians who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend university.

For Miranda, it has also allowed her to focus all her attention on her studies, buy text books and become “a good role model for my sisters so that they  may have a bright future too”

Getting a scholarship boosted my confidence and made me feel like I can achieve anything,” she adds.


Patricia Samios believes that she is alive today because of the diagnosis and treatment she received at Macquarie University Hospital. In 2012, Patricia noticed a rash on her breast that was initially brushed off by her GP as an allergic reaction to washing powder. A few weeks went by with no change so, following her gut feeling that something was not right, she got a referral to a specialist and had a mammogram.The shattering diagnosis was breast cancer.

Patricia visited oncologist Professor John Boyages at Macquarie University Hospital who diagnosed inflammatory breast cancer, a form of the disease that spreads quickly and requires immediate action. After a PET scan, surgery was scheduled and she started 18 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by another 5 weeks of radiotherapy. The PET scan Patricia received at Macquarie University Hospital was critically important in confirming the diagnosis, she says, and this medical imaging method is helping find otherwise undetected cancer in many other patients.

Donations to the hospital help to support research in this area of medicine and allow it to acquire more technology. More people will survive this devastating disease because of the generosity of donors.

Today Patricia is in remission and has a new perspective on life. “I live every day to the fullest and feel thankful to the people who saved me,” she says. “I’m alive to tell the tale because I followed my instincts, and I received the best possible care at Macquarie University Hospital".

Donating to Macquarie University can have far-reaching impacts. One simple act of kindness can change the direction of a person’s life, or even save it.

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