Dennis Sun Scholarship ‘life-changing’ for Victor

Dennis Sun Scholarship ‘life-changing’ for Victor

As a child, Hong Kong-born Victor Lee harboured dreams of studying medicine overseas. However, in his final years of school, his mother lost her job, which meant there was no money for him to study abroad.

Just missing out on getting enough marks to study medicine, he enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering at Hong Kong University, where during his first year he learned about the Dennis Sun scholarship offered by Macquarie University.

Instituted by Dr Dennis Sun, a businessman who holds a distinguished record of public and community service in both China and Australia, it is the largest ever full scholarship to be established at Macquarie University. It provides a full international scholarship to one exceptional student from a Hong Kong College who applies for an undergraduate course at Macquarie University. Successful candidates must demonstrate a variety of attributes including academic merit, proficiency in English, outstanding character and active participation in their school or community.

For Victor, being awarded the scholarship to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science majoring in biomolecular and chemical sciences has been life-changing. “Without the scholarship, it wouldn’t have been financially possible for me to study medicine, or enrol in any postgraduate studies in a related field.” It also means Victor can focus wholly on his studies without worrying about the financial burdens of living away from home. “ Without Dr Sun and his generosity, I would never have had the chance to pursue my dreams. I certainly hope to make him, and Macquarie University, proud."

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