Danielle Malone’s Journey of hope

Danielle Malone’s Journey of hope

Raised in rural New South Wales, Danielle Malone was the first person in her family to finish Year 12. But tertiary education seemed an unreachable goal: she hadn’t received the required marks, and it was too expensive for her to consider studying in Sydney. Encouraged by her Indigenous studies teacher, Danielle learned about the Warawara Alternative Entry Program, which is a scheme run by Macquarie University that provides opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to gain a spot in an undergraduate course.

The program offers students the chance to study, while the Macquarie University and Dunmore Lang College (DLC) Indigenous Incentive Scholarship provides a scholarship that makes it all possible. The scholarship is awarded to Indigenous students looking to study away from home throughout their tertiary education. It offers a fully funded standard room at DLC for up to four years of an undergraduate degree.

Danielle met the necessary criteria, including demonstrating her potential to excel, and was invited to study for her chosen degree (initially a Bachelor of Education, but later finding a Bachelor of Business Leadership and Commerce resonated better with her career goals) at Macquarie. “Scholarships have allowed me to find out who I am,” says Danielle, who believes she now has greater control over her own future. “It hasn’t just affected me, it’s benefited all the people around me. I’ve become passionate about helping other students to have the experience I’ve had. With so many opportunities for regional, rural and Indigenous students, Macquarie offers a lot more support than many other universities".

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