Audrey inspired to keep studying

Audrey inspired to keep studying

Throughout her life, Doris Wallent, a long-time tutor at Macquarie University, encouraged women to study mathematics.

She wanted to continue to support and encourage students to pursue their interests in maths so when she passed away in 1996, Doris left a bequest in her will that provides $1000 every year to a student who shows excellence in mathematics.

Audrey Markowskei is the 2016 beneficiary of this bursary and says that winning the prize has greatly increased her confidence and led her to undertake a research degree in mathematics. “I’m very grateful for the recognition and financial assistance it has provided,” she adds. “I believe it’s been fundamental in setting me up on my career path.” Fulfilling Doris’s wish to inspire a love of maths in others, Audrey also works as a tutor to first year students at the University. “As a PhD candidate, I can share my love and passion for mathematics with undergraduates who are enrolled in a variety of science-based degrees,” she says.

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