A cherished professor’s legacy

A cherished professor’s legacy

The Gillian Bottomley Award is the newest scholarship to be offered at the University, and is named after a cherished professor who passed away in 2016.

Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Comparative Sociology, Professor Bottomley had worked in both fields for more than 30 years, and her research and publications were widely published.

Over the course of her career Professor Bottomley had held positions as a lecturer, senior lecturer and professor at Macquarie, where she also completed her PHD in Greek migration. “She pioneered the ethnographic study of immigrant Greek communities in Australia by focusing on the intersections of gender, migration and class, but also brought together, in her study of Greek music and dance, the politics and embodied histories that continue to connect migrants in Australia with their country of origin,” explains Kalpana Ram, Associate Professor in Anthropology. The award was established by Professor Bottomley’s daughter to honour her late mother’s memory, and will be awarded to an Arts student who demonstrates a keen interest in anthropology or sociology.

Associate Professor Ram believes the scholarship is just recognition for the late, esteemed professor. “It’s deeply meaningful to name an anthropology scholarship after this pioneer of Australian anthropology, and ensures that her legacy will be long remembered by those new to the discipline,” he says. The grant will first be awarded mid-2017.

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