Shaping the Medical Leaders of Tomorrow

Shaping the Medical Leaders of Tomorrow

Indranil Halder (MBA 2010) and Jane Wilkins are passionate about healthcare. They believe Australian healthcare should be ethical, globally minded, and focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. This passion highlights all the elements of a Macquarie medicine degree, and led Indranil and Jane to set up the Halder Chowdhury Prize in Medicine. The prize was awarded to MD student Jordan Griffiths (BClinSci 2018) earlier this month.

"We are delighted to encourage bright Australians to prepare themselves  with education, experience and exposure and we thank Macquarie University for sustainably developing Australia’s future."

Indranil Halder and Jane Wilkins
Indranil featured left with Walter Kmet (CEO Macquarie University Hospital) and Professor Patrick McNeil (DVC Medicine and Health and Executive Dean of FOMHS)

The Macquarie MD, launched in 2017, includes clinical experience for students in both Australia and at Apollo Hospital in India, addressing the need for future doctors to be globally engaged clinicians. Jordan, scholarship and prize recipient, says that because the Macquarie MD is such an innovative degree with a unique approach to teaching, great attention is paid to the qualities and skills a modern doctor requires, such as cultural awareness and social sensitivity, rather than being restricted by traditional teaching approaches.

“I came to realise, during my undergraduate studies, the importance of a doctor having cultural sensitivity in an increasingly globalised society, which meant the Macquarie MD’s global focus was a big attraction,” she says.

“I found my passion for pursuing a career in medicine while travelling, when I came across areas in which trained medical professionals can make such a difference to entire communities.

“The Macquarie MD will equip me with the knowledge and skills to appropriately help these communities in the future.”

Donors such as Indranil and Jane are helping to shape the medical leaders of tomorrow. If you are interested in supporting the Macquarie medicine program, including students, researchers, the Macquarie University Hospital and beyond, please contact

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