MD Scholarship puts Ryan on his path to a career in medicine

MD Scholarship puts Ryan on his path to a career in medicine

As one of the first Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine students in history, 22-year old Ryan Parkinson feels truly lucky.  He is on his way to achieving his dream of being a surgeon.  But only a year ago, Ryan would never have believed this to be possible.

Having completed an undergraduate degree at ANU, Ryan secured himself a sought-after job with a consultancy firm in Melbourne and thought his career was on track.  Initially excited and invigorated by the newness and fast pace of the corporate world, it didn’t take long for Ryan to realise that he had a different calling.  He found that research was not as fulfilling as he thought it would be, and that he was most passionate when working for medical research institutes.  He started thinking about a career in medicine.

“I had heard a lot about the new Macquarie MD degree, and decided to apply.  I came up from Melbourne to do the MMIS (interview), not expecting to be accepted, and knowing that if I was accepted I would probably have to keep working for a few more years to be able to afford it,” says Ryan.

“When I was accepted, I felt elated, but I had to face the reality that I would need funding. Working part time to support myself would not be an option with this degree.”

“I applied for a scholarship, never thinking I would get it, but I was hopeful.”

“When I found out I had been awarded the scholarship, I had to hold back my emotions, as I was at work at the time,” said Ryan. “I wanted to shout it out loud!”

Ryan and his family moved from the UK to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland when he was a teenager.  Ryan excelled in high school, and was college dux and school captain. Ryan and his older sister are the first in their family to go to university.  His parents, who were not able to go to university, have been very supportive and encouraging of their children’s higher education.

“My dad said he couldn’t have had a better gift than his son telling him he was going to study to become a doctor”, said Ryan.

Having been the recipient of a scholarship at ANU, Ryan has experienced first hand the benefit of donors’ generosity.

“Supporting scholarships is the ultimate gift”, he said.  “Giving to scholarships has a benefit that not only helps individuals like me, but truly impacts other people in society too.  I don’t know what I would have done without scholarships, and am so grateful.”

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