Lidia, Me and MND

Lidia, Me and MND

On a Friday night in February, a group of friends raised over $27,900 in support of their friend's inspirational mother Lidia.

Are you lucky enough to have a friend with a mum with whom we’ve felt a special connection since your early years?  Someone who has been like a second mother, who has welcomed you into their home and treated you like one of the family.

The founders of Lidia, Me and MND know such a mum – Lidia Bilbatua, mother of their friend Angela. The group of friends have been affected by her battle with MND and have been inspired by her positivity and fighting spirit.

They describe Lidia as an energetic, life-loving 60-year old woman who has always been a fighter, raising her children with an extreme love for live; being active and enjoying the world in which we live.

When Lidia was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago, she was certain she was going to beat it and to no surprise, she was cancer free in 2015.

But recently, her health began to deteriorate. She noticed changes with her processing and speech. After a series of tests and no answers for months, she was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. The disease has already taken her ability to speak and has also impacted her ability to swallow. It has been heartbreaking for her friends to see someone who is such a fighter, sit with her family and not be able to communicate in the way that she used to. However, Lidia has maintained her spark. She uses a digital note pad to get her thoughts and ideas across and manages to keep the friends laughing with her wit and jokes.

To honour Lidia and to support her mission to contribute towards finding a cure for this terrible disease, they held a fundraiser in February this year.

The event, held at the Pearl Room, City Beach Function Centre in Wollongong was a fun evening which included a 3-course meal and drinks, live entertainment, auctions and plenty of prizes up for grabs.

Kelly Kennedy, one of the founders, said that they far exceeded their fundraising target, raising over $27,000 towards MND Research at Macquarie.  "Through the generosity of family, friends, colleagues and strangers, we well exceeded our fundraising target of $15,000, hitting the $27,000 mark" she said. "We were speechless in what the community was able to accomplish together, purely from the sustained efforts of donations and volunteers to celebrate the love of those who have been affected by MND and in increasing much needed awareness. It is important that people who are affected, including the families of those diagnosed do not feel alone. This in itself was our biggest achievement."

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