Leaving a legacy to medical research

Leaving a legacy to medical research

“I want to support medical research at Macquarie and hope I can contribute to solving the world’s most difficult medical travesties affecting humanity, such as cancer and motor neurone disease."

For the last 11 years, Ken Duffin has lived in a retirement village in close proximity to the Macquarie University campus. His affiliation with the University began when he received what he describes as ‘wonderful service’ at the Macquarie University Hospital.  He also had a great experience at the Hearing Hub where he served as a ‘guinea pig’ for students studying audiology.

At the Hearing Hub, Ken has volunteered his time to help audiology students with their research through interviews and practical examinations.

Throughout this time, Ken has enjoyed friendship with both students and staff. He’s often on campus and takes a close interest in the developments of the University campus and culture, even attending various graduations over the years. He keeps a spare umbrella for students on his front porch if they get caught in the rain.  “They always bring it back,” he adds.

Ken decided to leave a bequest to the University in his Will and by doing so, became a member of the Lincoln Legacy last year. He decided that his bequest will support medical research at the University.

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