‘Heal, Learn, Discover’ and Help Others

‘Heal, Learn, Discover’ and Help Others

Britt and Jack received health-critical assistance from the Grateful Patient program at Macquarie University Hospital.

MQ Health believes that every person deserves the best possible healthcare. That inspired the development of the Grateful Patient Program. This donor-funded program helps patients who may not have the means to access the full medical care and treatment they need, and reduces the burden of out-of-pocket healthcare costs – such as gap payments. Patients and loved ones of patients are able to donate to the Grateful Patient Program and contribute to a pool of funds that help future patients in need. Patients who demonstrate financial need are able to receive funding assistance to access medical treatment they would otherwise struggle to afford or have to forgo. Read below about two grateful patients who received funds to support their medical treatment:


52-year old Office Manager from Sydney

Britt suffers from May Thurner Syndrome, a rare, hidden condition of the lower vascular system which can potentially cause life-threatening blood clots. She was always an avid traveller but for the past couple of years her vascular condition has prevented her from travelling and severely affected her work and recreation activities.

“I needed an Intravenous Ultrasound after sustained swelling on my entire left leg, which is a costly test. I had already spent thousands of dollars on tests and appointments to try and find out what was wrong, I had been haemorrhaging money.

I’m glad I found out via an online support group that we have one of three world-leading clinics, the MQ Health Lymphoedema Clinic, right here in Sydney.

Dr Daniel Nguyen, my vascular surgeon at the clinic applied for the Grateful Patient grant on my behalf. It was amazing to have this test donated, as it gave me the peace of mind about what I was suffering from. Up until that point it was baffling the doctors.

The grant was vital for this diagnosis. All the other tests I had done had missed it. I’d been a walking timebomb for the last 2.5 years. I could have dropped dead just getting on a plane due to risk of a blood clot from Deep Vein Thrombosis.

The Grateful Patient Program was very helpful, that few thousand dollars I saved, I can now put toward the actual stent operation which will help treat the problem.”


75-year old retired construction worker from the Sunshine Coast living on the aged pension

Jack had a detached retina in his right eye from a football injury sustained when he was 26 years old. As a result, for about the past 10-15 years his vision has been significantly impaired affecting his work and lifestyle.

“Associate Professor Adrian Fung who specialises in retina surgery had to perform Scleral Buckle surgery to fix my detached retina.

Apparently if you don’t get the surgery done you can end up with serious infection in your eye that can lead to total loss of sight if not treated.

I had the surgery and it takes about a couple of months to see an improvement in vision.

I give great gratitude to the hospital for making it available. At least now I have the peace of mind that I don’t run the risk of infection anymore and loss of sight altogether.

I don’t know if I’d have been able to get the procedure done if I didn’t have access to the Grateful Patient Program at the hospital as I get by with just the aged pension.

I would very much recommend the Program to other people; I can’t sing the hospital’s praises enough. I just would have had to live with my vision impairment the way it was.

Within weeks of lodging the Grateful Patient forms I had the actual operation.

It is an amazing thing to have that donation. I think it’s just almost too good to be true.”

Learn more and support the Grateful Patient program here.

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