Harrison scrubs up for Doctor of Medicine

Harrison scrubs up for Doctor of Medicine

Harrison Bygott knew he wanted to be a doctor in his early teens.  Thanks to receiving an alumni-funded scholarship for a Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine degree, he is on the path to achieving this dream.

Harrison was inspired by the tv series Scrubs, which he enjoyed watching as a teenager.  He began researching what steps he needed to take to become a doctor and started excelling at high school, especially in Maths and Science, so much so that he was able to complete an accelerated Clinical Science degree at Macquarie, completing the degree in two years.  

“It’s the human interaction with patients that interests me most about medicine”, says Harrison. “I believe in treating the person, not the disease and the MD program at Macquarie really reinforces this idea and has a special focus on cultural competency.”  
As part of the MD program, Harrison and his fellow students will train in both private and public health systems in Australia and globally.  Half of their third year will be spent at the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad, India.

Harrison is one of the first members in his family to be able to attend university, and without the scholarship he would not have been able to do this degree at Macquarie.  

“Donations to causes like the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund have allowed for someone like me to follow my dream of being a doctor,” says Harrison.

About the VC Fund

Thanks to generous support from donors like you, the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund supports emerging priorities at the University including student scholarships, research and other projects aimed to help the community.

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