Fighting cancer on the Northern Beaches

Fighting cancer on the Northern Beaches

Created in 2014, this amazing group has raised over $1 million for cancer research.

In 2017, Macquarie University was chosen by Fight on the Beaches (FOTB) as one of two research beneficiaries to receive funding to continue to find a cure for one of the world’s greatest killers.

Professor Gilles Guillemin from Macquarie’s Department of Biomedical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, is the Lead Researcher benefitting from the extraordinary support of FOTB.  Professor Guillemin, an acknowledged world leader in the study of causative links of cancer, will use FOTB’s support to validate a new therapy treatment to stop the spread of breast cancer.

“Despite vast improvements in primary breast cancer treatment, options for breast cancer patients whose cancer has spread to other part of the body (known as metastasis) remain limited and largely ineffective. Hence, metastasis remains the underlying cause of death in the majority of breast cancer patients,” says Professor Guillemin.

Professor Guillemin’s research proposal will explore a different treatment approach for metastatic breast cancer, based on modulating a key biochemical pathway known as the kynurenine pathway (KP). Although this pathway produces essential energy for the body’s daily functions, tumour cells can ‘hijack’ the KP to escape immune detection and metastasize. Blocking the activity of the first KP enzyme (IDO1) in animal cancer models has already shown to improve anti-tumour immune detection and reduce tumour growth, but most breast cancer patients do not show enhanced IDO1 activity. Instead, our preliminary clinical data showed that it is the second KP enzyme (KMO) that is activated in the majority of tumour samples from breast cancer patients. This data suggests that the KMO may play a more important role than IDO1 in breast cancer.

“Collectively, our research proposal is a unique study with the potential to develop a new therapy that will slow down breast cancer growth and metastasis.”

Professor Guillemin adds, “My research team and I are very grateful for the support from the Fight on the Beaches team.  Macquarie is doing some ground-breaking cancer research and this can be very expensive - but through community support from FOTB, we will find the next breakthrough and save lives.”

Fight on the Beaches – Christmas in July Charity Ball

Join over 700 guests and 100 volunteers on 27th July to do your bit to find a cancer cure!  Honour those who have been lost to cancer, those who are fighting currently, and those who have fought and won!

Tickets are on sale, and include a fabulous three course meal with refreshments throughout the evening.
Guests will enjoy moving personal cancer stories, live music, prizes, auctions and raffles, as well as over 400 ‘Christmas’ gifts under our massive Christmas tree to ensure a great night is had by all.

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