Crafty group raises money for MND research

Crafty group raises money for MND research

Christine Farkas and a group of crafty friends meet regularly at her home in Sydney's Northern Beaches. They work on a variety of projects including weaving, knitting, contemporary basket making and hand stitching while sharing ideas over a cup of tea and some treats.

Last year, they collectively donated to support MND research at Macquarie University in memory of Christine’s sister, who passed away from Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

“We lost my beautiful sister Sue Quinn to MND. She regarded Dom [Professor Dominic Rowe] highly and we appreciate everything he did for Sue and her family,” said Christine.

“Everyone in the craft group was happy to make a contribution each week and we raised some money towards MND research. I also added some money from the sale of my Mum’s stamp collection.”

Thank you to Christine and her crafty crew for their generosity!

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