Born to teach – Jammie’s on the path to achieving her dream

Born to teach – Jammie’s on the path to achieving her dream

From as young as she can remember, Jammie Costanzo wanted to be a teacher.  One of her favourite games was to surround herself with her teddy bears and dolls and play act she was the teacher.  Later when she had friends around to play, she would enact being the teacher in a classroom and give them pen and paper and tasks to carry out.

Jammie describes herself as a shy and introverted student who battled to express herself at school. One particular primary school teacher stands out in her memory as understanding her and her shyness and inspiring her to contribute more in class and to be proud of her ideas.

Jammie is a first-year student at Macquarie doing a double degree in Psychology and Primary Education. She always wanted to go to university and always wanted to be a primary school teacher.  She chose Macquarie because it offered the double degree in Psychology and Primary Education she wanted to do.

Her mum was adamant that she should go to university.  As a single mum, she did not have the opportunity to do further education and always encouraged Jammie.

Doing very well in high school, Jammie gained early entry to Macquarie and did some research about scholarships.  “I really didn’t think I would get the scholarship”, said Jammie.  “But I was worried about the financial aspects of going to university and all the costs involved.”

Receiving the alumni first in family scholarship was a huge relief to Jammie and her mother, who were worried about the financial aspects of attending uni.  Jammie has a part-time job as a party host at Lollipops Playland in the western suburbs of Sydney, where she lives.  As it’s a long commute to Macquarie, she is only able to do weekends shifts.  However, she loves working with young kids and spending time with children.

Jammie has always felt comfortable with children.  “They don’t judge you,” she says.

The scholarship has helped tremendously, providing financial relief and allowing Jammie to afford her textbooks and buy a new laptop.

“It made starting at Uni so much easier.  Transitioning from High School can be difficult, but the scholarship has helped not only me but my family as well.”

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