Barristers raise the bar - and $50,000

Barristers raise the bar - and $50,000

On Friday 27 October 2017 a group of about 70 barristers and legal staff gathered at the Marigold Restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown to celebrate the retirement from practice of one of the Bar’s own, Peteris Ginters.

The event, organised by Peteris' friend and fellow Barrister Robert Reitano, was one of a series of lunches which raised $50,000 towards MND Research. It was an opportunity to say thank you “to one of the nice guys of the Bar”, upon his retirement after being  diagnosed with MND.

The news of Peteris’ diagnosis shook his friends and colleagues.  “It is not uncommon to question why it is that someone who has lived a healthy, productive and blameless life can be struck down by such a debilitating disease without warning or provocation or without asking why there is no cure for Motor Neurone Disease”, says Robert Reitano.  

“There is no satisfactory or remotely appropriate answer to these questions. On any level there is no good that can come of this. Or at least that was what we thought until we considered what we had learnt from the experience of watching our friend’s and his wife, Caroline’s response to MND. Those at the lunch were privileged to witness Peteris’s response to his diagnosis. The good to come out of this lay in the sterling example Peteris offers to each one of us in confronting this challenge.”

Robert describes the strength and stoicism with which Peteris has faced MND since his diagnosis.  How he has placed his attention and focus on his family, and on protecting them as best he can from the pain of his suffering.

“As a Bar one thing we do very well is close ranks with our own in adversity. This was certainly no exception. This was an advertisement for everything that is good about the Bar. It was a remarkable celebration from beginning to end."

“The standing ovation that followed saluting our friend and colleague resounded through the Marigold Restaurant and down the streets of Chinatown” reported Robert.

“The New South Wales Bar rose to its feet for Peteris that day and continues to do so in support of him and his family; honouring him as a true friend. A man of strength, courage and substance whose professional life reflects the best of life at the Bar and whose family life has set a standard that can only be admired.”

This event is a truly inspiring example of what happens when a community comes together to support a meaningful cause.  Recently Peteris and his family visited the MND labs at Macquarie University to see how the funds raised are making an impact and giving hope to MND sufferers.

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