Alumni-funded scholarship helps Nana help others

Alumni-funded scholarship helps Nana help others

“The money you’re giving will touch someone’s life.  You may not be there to see it or experience what it actually is doing but it’s doing a lot. It encourages, motivates and takes a person and their ideas to the next step in their life to help others.”

Nana Sarkodieh is a Law and Commerce student at Macquarie. Born in Ghana to a relatively privileged family, she began her degree before becoming a permanent resident and student in Australia.

Whilst at school she experienced the effects of poverty first hand.

“Kids came to collect leftover food from where I was working as a dining hall monitor. Their ages ranged from 5-10 however they were providing supper for their families as they were living in poverty.  Most of them didn’t go to school.”

She did what she could to provide for her community but understood her actions were merely a drop in the ocean compared to what was needed. Nana became inspired to create some sort of an organization to solve this problem, but wasn’t sure how.

Last year, Nana was one of ten recipients of the National University of Singapore Summer entrepreneur scholarship, which provides students with the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, networking and to grow their business acumen.

“I didn’t think I would get into the scholarship program as there were a lot of applicants, but when Macquarie Exchange told me I was one of the 10 students selected I was so excited.”

The program allowed Nana to understand what she needed to do to in her village and provided her the skills to be able to do it.

“I discovered through the program that what I wanted to create – a community called Nachiejusark Village in my village in Ghana to help local children – is a social enterprise.  That it would be a community for these children to be educated and given opportunities funded by a business, not a charity.”

“I realised that there are so many good people in the world.  The program was filled with so many people from different countries and cultures but we all had the same mindset to do something to help the world.”

“Without this scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to bring my ideas into fruition.  It exposed me to so many great things and provided me with the foundation to begin my work.”

This opportunity given to Nana and other students just like her was made possible through the support of Macquarie University donors to the VIce-Chancellor's Fund.

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