Benefits of PACE

Benefits of PACE

PACE is mutually beneficial for students, partner organisations and Macquarie University. As a PACE partner you will connect with highly motivated, capable, and work ready students, an innovative group of academics and a community of inspiring partner organisations.

Meet your objectives

PACE students bring their contemporary knowledge, skills and fresh ideas to partner organisations. They help you to undertake projects that might otherwise not be possible. PACE units are part of all Macquarie undergraduate courses. This means that the range and mode of delivery of activities are very diverse. So no matter what skill-set your business requires PACE can match the right student to your needs.

A pipeline to employability

PACE provides partner organisations with a pipeline to a future workforce of well-rounded recruits who understand your organisation’s industry and work environment. When it comes to hiring you'll be able to select from the highest achieving graduates with well developed employability skills.

Build your professional networks

Our 3,000+ partner organisations from local, regional and international spheres span all sectors of the economy across private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. As a growing and prosperous community, our partner organisations have the opportunity to form collaborative networks both with Macquarie and with other PACE partners.

Research collaborations

At Macquarie, we believe that good research should be linked to practical outcomes. We are keen to collaborate with our partners to develop research projects that meet your organisational objectives. Contact us if you have a project in mind.

Mentor and inspire future leaders

Mentoring PACE students presents an ideal professional development opportunity. Offer in-house leadership training to your future team leaders and managers, all the while inspiring the best and brightest students to achieve their maximum potential.

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