Benefits of PACE

Benefits of PACE

PACE is mutually beneficial for students, partner organisations and Macquarie University. As a PACE partner you will connect with highly motivated, capable, and work ready students, an innovative group of academics and a community of inspiring partner organisations.

Meet your objectives

PACE students bring their contemporary knowledge, skills and fresh ideas to benefit partner organisations. They help your organisation complete real projects and meet objectives. PACE units are part of all Macquarie undergraduate courses. The range and mode of delivery of activities is very diverse. So no matter what skill-set your business requires - our PACE team can help find the right match for your needs.

A pipeline to employability

PACE provides partner organisations with a pipeline to a future workforce of well-rounded recruits who understand your industry. When it comes to hiring, you'll be able to select from the highest achieving graduates with vital employability skills. Skills needed in every industry like; communication, team work, cross cultural understanding, critical thinking, and leadership ability.

Build your professional networks

We partner with over 3,000 organisations from local, regional and international spheres across all sectors of the economy. We collaborate with corporate, government, non-government organisations, and charities alike.  As a growing vibrant community, our partner organisations gain access to mutually beneficial professional networks.

Mentor and inspire future leaders

Do you have staff with leadership potential? Mentoring PACE students presents an ideal professional development opportunity. Offer in-house leadership training to your future team leaders and managers - all the while inspiring the best and brightest students to achieve their maximum potential. It's a win-win.

Research collaborations

At Macquarie, we know that research should be linked to practical outcomes - both for organisations and communities. We are keen to connect with partners to develop research projects that meet organisational and industry objectives. Contact us if you have a project in mind.

Partner voices

Feedback from partner organisations enables us to understand partner needs and reflect on what’s working and what can be improved in the PACE program. Recent research into Partner Perspectives has given us a clear picture of some of the elements that contribute to ideal interns and mutually beneficial internships.  We are working towards achieving these ideals and have taken actions on specific recommendations in alignment with our focus on continuous improvement.

What our PACE partners say

“When we think about hiring, PACE program participants have a track record that makes it incredibly attractive to us to partner more with that program and Macquarie University in the future.”

Steve Miller, Director Education, Microsoft Australia

“I would definitely recommend the PACE program to other businesses. You have support from a whole team at Macquarie University dedicated to making the internships work – so it’s mutually beneficial.”

Kylie Baracz, Editor, Universal Magazines

“I highly recommend that other organisations host PACE students. They are a wonderful valuable resource and they bring amazing fresh ideas. What I enjoyed the most was their enthusiasm that they brought to the project. You can't buy that.”

Dr Eleonora Feletto, Research Fellow, Cancer Research Division, Cancer Council

“Having PACE students working with us is a win-win situation from my point of view. They bring in fresh ideas. They also help and are innovative, energetic, and are enthusiastic to actually get work done.

Dwight Don, Product Marketing Manager, Holocentric

“The PACE students have been fantastic. They've brought fresh life, fresh ideas to us. They've got amazing skills, incredible motivation levels. They've been able to augment our team, where we're always pretty resource strapped, to do brilliant work. We'd hire them tomorrow if we could.”

Cindy Reid, Director People and Culture, Konica Minolta

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