Become a PACE partner

Become a PACE partner


To become a PACE partner there are some important checks and processes to ensure a successful experience.

Who are our PACE partners?

The overall goal of PACE is to work with partner organisations who:

  • Align with Macquarie University's ethical standards that promote the wellbeing of people and planet.
  • Share our vision to develop students' capabilities through professional and community engagement activities.
  • Engage in learning activities which are mutually beneficial for students, host organisations and Macquarie University.
  • Share our values of respect and joint responsibility - ensuring respect for difference, proper consultation and duty of care to all.

To find out more about the legal and operational framework of PACE download our Governance and Guidelines booklet.

How do I become a PACE partner?

We aim to collaborate with your organisation to create workplace learning experiences that offer two-way benefit to organisations and students alike. PACE students will apply academic theory to practice while they road test a potential career. To succeed in this partnership, we must ensure that organisations can provide structured learning experiences within a framework.

Contact us early

We ask that you get in touch with us early to discuss your requirements and potential collaboration opportunities.  There is a lead time involved in arranging PACE activities. This may vary - by a few weeks to a few months - depending on your needs and PACE student availability.

Offer a real-world project

PACE differs from a traditional “work experience” model. PACE is an integral part of Macquarie Bachelor degrees. So, all PACE activity opportunities should be meaningful and structured to offer students a chance to achieve the learning outcomes of a PACE unit (i.e. subject). We offer PACE units across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Ensure a safe work environment

All host organisations must be able to offer a safe working environment and hold minimum public liability insurance of $10,000,000. For safety reasons we do not allow students to undertake a placement in a home office.

Provide a dedicated supervisor

Organisations must have capacity to provide a dedicated supervisor who is not in a personal or family relationship with the student. The supervisor will work with the student and provide them with guidance and feedback throughout their PACE activity. The supervisor also ensures that students complete the minimum placement hours and any necessary log books or assessments as part of the activity.

Engage with our students

Students usually complete their PACE activity within a University session. Our main session dates run from:

End February to end June (Session 1)

End July to end November (Session 2)

December to February (Session 3)

Let us know as soon as possible if you hope to host a PACE student activity outside of these dates. We will then explore whether we could arrange for the student(s) to commence or undertake the activity before the session starts.

Maintain open communication

PACE students possess the latest disciplinary knowledge and are keen to develop their employability skill set. The PACE activity allows them to apply what they have learnt at University to a real industry project. They may not have previous relevant work experience. So, the PACE activity is a chance for them to develop their skills – before they graduate and enter the workforce. To make the experience successful we ask you to keep your expectations realistic – and maintain open communication – with the student and with PACE staff. In turn students will bring their fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and will both surprise and inspire you!

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