Engage with students

Engage with students

Targeting students

Your event can be promoted to students in a number of ways:

  • Event schedule on the Career and Employment Service website (on campus events only)
  • Event schedule on CareerHub
  • Static PowerPoint slides (provided by you or developed by the Career and Employment Service) are sent to academic departments and the central student enquiry centre.  We will also take posters, but we prefer the slides.
  • Announcements on the Career and Employment Facebook page
  • Additionally, after your session, your presentation can be uploaded to our website as a PDF, reaching students that could not attend on the day

More information and registration

Login to CareerHub and register your interest in engaging with Macquarie University. Alternatively, to discuss a possible presentation or careers event, please contact us on careers@mq.edu.au or +61 2 9850 7372.

Session 1 Careers Fair

Thursday, 15 March 2018 from 12-3pm

Foyer of 12 Wally's Walk and 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue Interior Courtyard (formerly E7A Foyer and E7B Courtyard)

Targeting: all students from all faculties (Business, Science, Human Science, Health and Medical Sciences, and Arts).  Anticipated numbers to be between 1200-1600 students.

Early Bird Special$725 for single booth (2m by 1m) including 2 meals and 1 power point. Price valid from now until 30th November 2017. (Double booth bookings will also be allowed).

  • Standard Rate - $925 for single booth (2m by 1m) following the Early Bird Special (Double booth bookings will also be allowed). Including 2 meals and 1 power point.
  • Northwest Corridor Companies - $725 for single booth (2m by 1m) before and after Early Bird Special. Including 2 meals and 1 power point.
  • Non-Profit Rate for Registered Not-for-Profit Companies and Start-ups- $300 (Table only. Including 2 meals. No power point. Please bring banners to identify your company).

You may bring handouts/brochures, giveaways, and 2-3 company reps - recent grads in your office could be an excellent addition.

Registration is open on CareerHub.

Volunteering and Opportunities Expo

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 from 12-2pm

Location: Level 3 MAZE Conference Rooms, 18 Wally's Walk (formerly C7A)

Targeting students from all faculties and disciplines, especially those interested in working for non-profits and overseas opportunities while studying or after graduation.  This fair will be much smaller than the Session 1 Careers Fair to allow for individual interaction.

Standard organisations will pay a price of $200 to cover costs.  Registered non-profits are free of charge.  Your setup will include a trestle table, table cloth, two chairs, and free advertising of your opportunities on CareerHub before and after the event.

You may bring handouts/brochures and play videos, run slideshows, and staff your space with 2-3 company reps.  Recent grads in your office could be an excellent addition.

Registration is now open on CareerHub.  Any questions can be directed to justine.mckenna@mq.edu.au.

Banking, Trading, and Consulting Fair

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 from 5-7pm

Location: Level 3 MAZE Conference Rooms, 18 Wally's Walk (formerly C7A)

An invite-only event targeting: high-performing domestic students from the Faculty of Business and Economics.  This fair has been heavily attended by Actuarial Science and Accounting students.  Anticipated numbers are between 200-300 students.

Registration is a standard package of $700 per employer to cover a trestle table and table cloth, chairs, and evening refreshments.  If you require a powerpoint, please specify that on your form.  You may bring handouts/brochures and 2-3 company reps - recent grads in your office could be an excellent addition.

Registration is open on CareerHub.

Employer presentations and workshops

Visit us on campus to get up close and personal with targeted students.

You can showcase your organisation, graduate or internship programs, recruitment process, culture, training or career development opportunities as part of an employer presentation. Presentations are generally for one hour and can be held from week four to eleven of each session.  The cost is $170.

You could also give a workshop instead involving an interactive discussion on an employable skill such as resume writing, assessment centres, personal branding, or you can share some insight into your industry for students.  Workshops are free of charge and also held for an hour on campus.

Email tyree.barnette@mq.edu.au for more information on these options.

If you are already registered with us on CareerHub, indicate your interest to conduct either a workshop or employer presentation on our registration form.

Careers in ... series

A series of industry-specific seminars designed to give students a deeper insight into the working world. Industry professionals come and share their experiences, talk about current trends and give advice and tips to students.  Please contact us on careers@mq.edu.au or +61 2 9850 7372 to find out about dates.

Career Accelerator Program

This program, launched in 2014, is designed specifically for Macquarie's top students. The CAP will involve a range of industry partners delivering workshops to students and inviting them into their workplace to meet and network with staff. Please contact us on careers@mq.edu.au or +61 2 9850 7372 if you are interested in participating.


At Macquarie University, PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) provides opportunities for you to connect with highly motivated, capable, and work ready students.  You also gain access to an innovative group of academics and researchers and a community of inspiring partner organisations.

Our 2500+ partner organisations from local, regional and international spheres span all sectors of the economy and society across private, public, community-based and not-for-profit sectors.

Psychology Options events

Two Psychology Options events a year; one per semester which we would welcome any interested employers to attend - particularly any HR employers who are interested in the psychology majors. Please contact us for further information on careers@mq.edu.au or +61 2 9850 7372.

Interviews on campus

Campus interviews are a convenient and efficient option for both students and employers. Employers conducting campus interviews are encouraged to give a targeted presentation whilst on campus. For further information and bookings, contact us on careers@mq.edu.au or +61 2 9850 7372.

Scholarships and prizes

You are welcome to establish a scholarship or prize for Macquarie students who excel in specific aspects of university and community life. To enquire about establishing a scholarship or prize, contact the Scholarships Office on csap@mq.edu.au.

Business Competitions


Looking for a fresh perspective on a business problem? Take part in Univative and have student teams compete to solve your specific business need, issue or challenge. Contact us to discuss in more detail at +61 2 9850 7372 or careers@mq.edu.au.  Recruitment for new companies for Univative typically occurs from January to April of each year.

Our Indigenous community

Walanga Muru – the Office of Indigenous Strategy provides quality support services to Indigenous staff and students at Macquarie. You can be involved with our office by:

Walanga Muru has also developed an Indigenous Strategy Green Paper. This paper proposes seven new strategic directions for the University that supports and promotes Indigenous inclusion, access and participation. This paper is the first step towards building capacity for Indigenous excellence at Macquarie.

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