Workplace giving

Workplace giving

Workplace giving is a simple way for staff at Macquarie to change students' lives and help to find new research breakthroughs. By setting up a regular donation from your pre-tax salary, you are providing long-term, reliable support to a range of projects.

What can I support?

Student scholarships

Financial hardship, geographical isolation, chronic medical condition or carers responsibility are just some of the reasons why students might not be able to achieve their dreams. Support for student scholarships will allow hard-working, capable students to receive a tertiary education, despite the barriers they face. Visit to read more and to hear from the student you will be helping.

Motor neurone disease research and support services

Motor neurone disease (MND) remains one of the most feared diagnoses in neurological practice because of its dismal prognosis. MND causes limb paralysis, leading to an inability to walk, speak and eat. While MND presently remains unconquered, several encouraging breakthroughs have recently occurred. Macquarie's Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre works with the University's Motor Neurone Disease Clinic and the Macquarie University Hospital, to build a best practice program on global standards for translational research from bedside to laboratory bench. Visit to find out more.

Breast cancer research

Macquarie University's research into PET scanning as a medical imaging method is helping to find otherwise undetected cancer, providing a more accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Common methods to diagnose breast cancer are very useful, but rely on cancer causing a physical scar or change such as calcium deposits to detect a tumour. PET scanning involves injecting a tracer that collects in breast cancers, allowing for their detection with a specialised PET scanning camera.

Prostate cancer research

At the Macquarie University Cancer Institute, vital work is currently underway to establish a biobank of biological samples taken from cancer patients treated at the Macquarie University Hospital. The biobank is allowing our researchers to conduct crucial analysis to understand how cancer develops and responds to different treatments, meaning that patients can be offered an increasingly personalised treatment plan.

Step by step instructions for starting donations within workplace giving program

Setting up an ongoing donation from your pre-tax salary is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1
Log in to HR Online and enter your staff username and password.
Step 2

Select My Pay > Payroll Details > Deductions

Step 3

Click 'Add new deduction record'

step 3

Step 4

Here is where you can set up the specifics of your donation.


Simply fill out the following fields as follows:

  • Job Number: Automatically populated, no need to update.
  • Deduction: Select the allocation you would like your donation to go towards: breast cancer research, prostate cancer research, motor neurone disease research or equity scholarships. If you would like to support a specific type of equity scholarship, including Macquarie Education Costs Scholarship, Macquarie Indigenous Scholarship or Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship you can enter it in the 'reference' field below. If you select the scholarship option in the drop down box, but do not choose to enter in a specific type of scholarship, your donation will be used to support equity scholarships.
  • Payrate Type: Automatically populated, no need to update.
  • Deduction Amount: Enter the amount you would like to donate each pay.
  • Expires after Total Amount: Leave blank.
  • Start Date: Enter today's date, or if you would like your donation to start on a specific date in future, enter your chosen date.
  • End Date: This field can be left blank, or if you would like to end you donation by a set date, enter it here and your donation will be automatically cancelled on that date.
  • Reference: If you would like to support a specific type of scholarship, including Macquarie Education Costs Scholarship, Macquarie Indigenous Scholarship or Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship, enter this in here.
Step 5

Click the 'Insert' button at the bottom of the deductions form.


Step 6
step 4
Step 7

Return to the 'Deductions' page as per Step 2 and you will now see your new donation in this table.

last step


For any questions regarding workplace giving contact Annual Giving Manager Maura Brookes on (02) 9850 4276 or

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