Why I'm giving back

Why I'm giving back

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Prashan Karunaratne’s popular classes make compulsory economics intriguing and accessible to first-year students at Macquarie University. There’s a good reason he understands their needs so well. He is a Macquarie lecturer, student and donor.

“I sat in those seats myself and I remember what I learned and the life skills I gained,” says Prashan, who is currently researching his PhD at Macquarie, where he also completed his Bachelor of Economics (Honours) degree from 2000 to 2003.

Prashan generously decided to support the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund earlier this year. He explains that he wanted to help new generations of capable students, knowing they face far heftier costs to get a degree than he did. 

“Giving directly to different causes is great, but giving a university education to people who may not have that opportunity, it will have a much greater impact in the long-run,” he says. “It transforms lives. One individual you help could change their city, could change their country. By investing in them, you could address climate change or the income inequality in the world.”

And Prashan’s gift has already brought its own reward. “I guess we all have those heart-stirrings, then you think about it and it goes out of your mind,” he points out. “But by acting on it, you put your money where your heart is. It just feels right.”

With a donation to Macquarie, you’re planting a seed which will grow into addressing all of society’s issues and problems.

Macquarie is greatly strengthened by our many talented teachers and researchers like Prashan. Their level of passion and commitment to their work is unparalleled but transformative projects require sufficient funding. 

On campus and in hospital, pioneering minds are working diligently to produce solutions with real-world impact. Please support the Vice-Chancellor's Fund so we can continue to undertake world-class research, award scholarships, and embark on new projects to improve the student experience. Let's pave the way for a brighter future together. 

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