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Entrepreneur Scholarships

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Fortunate Prosper grew up in Tanzania, a bright student - and an entrepreneurial one. “When I was eleven, I bought pens that would light up at night from suppliers in the city, and sold them to my fellow students for a profit,” she says.

Her modest proceeds were invested back into the business, and as her enterprise grew, Fortunate set up the Golden Foundation in 2012 to help arts education for local children.

My passion is to educate the young generation who are not able to attend school due to poverty.

Through the Golden Foundation, she trained children from the age of six in creative skills like song, dance, music and art, writing songs and scripts; then later set up the African Child Charity Project (ACCP) to teach orphans and children living in poverty.

Fortunate was funded by a company to attend university abroad and in 2016 she began a Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Professional Accounting.

She was absolutely delighted when she was selected as a recipient of an Entrepreneur Scholarship to attend the Enterprise Summer Program at the National University of Singapore.  “I believe the program is helpful as it provides students with knowledge, skill sets and real-life exposure on entrepreneurship,” she says.

Since returning from the NUS Enterprise Summer Program, Fortunate has begun plans to establish a social enterprise and eventually establish a Talent School.

“I’ve learned from the summer school that it is possible to combine business with making an impact on society. That opportunity has definitely influenced my life.”

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Like Fortunate, there are many other bright young people who deserve opportunities to achieve their dreams.  Thanks to generous donations from our alumni, Fortunate and nine other Macquarie students could experience and learn about Singapore's entrepreneurial community and about creating solutions to world problems. 

There is no limit to the wonderful and unique contribution that exceptional young people like Fortunate can make within their families and communities and our world. Please support the Vice-Chancellor's Fund so we can continue to award scholarships, embark on new projects to improve the student experience, and undertake world-class research. 

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