City 2 Surf

City 2 Surf

Thank you for deciding to join the Macquarie University City 2 Surf team! By joining the team, you’re helping to raise vital funds for:

  • The Centre for Emotional Health’s Youth Anxiety program, which provides children and families with skills and strategies to help them manage childhood anxiety
  • Motor Neurone Disease research, helping to find the next breakthrough to cure this devastating disease
  • Equity scholarships, providing access to education for students who would otherwise be excluded for reasons beyond their control. Equity scholarships encompasses financial need, accommodation, refugee and Indigenous scholarships.

How do I join the team? 

Step 1 - Visit the City 2 Surf page and select your ticket type. When prompted, click ‘Join a team’.

Step 2 – Search for the word ‘Macquarie’. You will see three options available:

Step 3 – Select the cause you wish to fundraise for by clicking ‘Join’.

Step 4 – Complete and pay for your entry. Congratulations! You have now joined the Macquarie City 2 Surf team.

You will then be prompted to customise your fundraising page. Once logged in, click ‘Edit this Supporter Page’ underneath your page photo or at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone. You can then upload a page photo and add a story about why you’ve chosen to fundraise for your cause
By doing this you can tell all your supporters why they should donate to your page and inspire them to give more to your cause.

Here are some suggestions to start raising money:

  • Share your fundraising page on social media and ask family and friends to donate to your run. The more people who know about what you are doing, the more funds you will raise!
  • Write a personal email asking people in your network to visit your donation page.
  • Make a donation yourself to kick of your fundraising and show your friends and family that you are also supporting the cause
  • Let local businesses in your community know what you are doing, and see if they will support the cause
  • Hold a morning tea in your office to collect gold coin donations – every bit helps!
  • Consider other ideas such as hosting a trivia night, selling some old clothes are the market, holding a garage sale or having a movie night in and donating the funds you would have spent on a night out.

Every dollar will make a difference.

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