Why choose a bequest?

Why choose a bequest?

By making a contribution to Macquarie University in your will, you can provide enduring support for generations of students.

You will be able to:

  • establish a personal legacy
  • be precise about where your support will have the most impact
  • have flexibility with your financial planning without compromising your current needs
  • give consideration to philanthropic interests as well as to family and friends

A bequest to Macquarie University will help us to take our research, learning and teaching facilities to new levels of excellence and provide funds to enrich our students' educational opportunities. Your bequest can:

  • initiate major developmental projects
  • create new areas of academic leadership

Why Bequests?

Michael Egan

"We want to give students access to learning, regardless of their backgrounds; we want to offer our students inspirational learning opportunities; and we are committed to producing research that contributes to social, economic and scientific development. I invite you to contribute to the future of Macquarie through a bequest in your Will." 

Michael Egan 
Chancellor, Macquarie University

A bequest can also support:

Making your bequest

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about making a bequest, or would like more information about our Bequest Society, please contact our Manager Planned Giving

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