Types of bequests

Types of bequests

There are many ways in which you can leave a bequest to Macquarie University.

You can leave a percentage of your estate, a fixed amount or the residue of your estate.

Alternatively, bequests can be in the form of:

  • real estate
  • art works
  • rare collections
  • shares
  • bonds
  • or other support

We can work with you to manage your bequest, whether you have a specific purpose in mind or choose to leave an unrestricted bequest. If you wish to make a bequest for a specific purpose, the University can help you draft a Statement of Intention for your signature. The Statement will acknowledge your gift and ensure that we share your understanding of the terms of your bequest.

You can download a bequest form here. 

A bequest makes a difference

Following a bequest from Doris Wallent, two scholarships are awarded each year to Mathematics students.

"A few years ago, I was awarded the Doris Wallent Scholarship in Mathematics. It was a wonderful surprise and gave me the encouragement to pursue Mathematics as my major at Macquarie. I was fortunate to be the recipient of this award twice more during the course of my undergraduate studies. 

Receiving these scholarships greatly increased my confidence in my studies and led me to undertake a research degree in mathematics.  As a PhD candidate, I also work as a tutor at Macquarie, which enables me to share my love and passion for mathematics with our undergraduate students enrolled in a variety of science-based degrees. 

I am very grateful for the recognition and the financial assistance that these scholarships have provided, setting me on a career path in mathematics."

Audrey Markowskei 
Bachelor of Arts, 2012

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), 2013

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