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  • 03 Apr 2018

    Dr Kim M Wilson

    Dr Kim Wilson from the Department of Educational Studies was interviewed by the Sun Herald, the Brisbane Times and Channel 10's The Project on ‘flip learning’, a new teaching method where explanations of a subject are delivered online at home and the usual homework becomes classwork, which could be piloted in NSW high schools. See page 9 of report.

  • "Information overload affects treatment of common childhood illnesses" - Canberra Times

    03 Apr 2018

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite from the Australian Institute of Health Innovation contributed the article ‘Spoonfuls of advice help the medicine go down’ to the Sydney Morning Herald, which also featured in the Canberra Times. Professor Braithwaite also contributed the article ‘Children’s healthcare: new study highlights areas for improvement’ to Croakey.

  • "Doctors treating childhood health problems right only about 60 per cent of the time, study shows"

    21 Mar 2018

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite from the Australian Institute of Health Innovation featured in, The Adelaide Advertiser,, The Courier Mail and The Daily Mercury in relation to the CareTrack Kids study which has investigated adherence to clinical practice guidelines in Australia in regards to the treatment of common ailments in children

  • "AIHI’s Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite appointed President Elect" MQ This Week

    09 Oct 2017

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, Founding Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University, has been named President Elect of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), following an international vote for Board members, and a Board election.

  • "Research shows we can end clinical 'tribes' in hospitals to improve healthcare" Medical Express

    11 Aug 2016

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

    A study led by Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite and Macquarie University's Australian Institute of Health Innovation has revealed that professional divisions – the cliques – common within healthcare and other large organisations do not solely reflect innate human behaviour but are the result of the structures, cultures and history of the organisations themselves.

  • "Finding scapegoats won't make healthcare safer" Sydney Morning Herald

    28 Jul 2016

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

    Professor Braithwaite explains that hospital systems function at their very best when certain factors coincide like "a positive organisational culture, a receptive and responsive senior management team, active performance monitoring, a proficient workforce, effective clinical leadership, and sound teamwork".

  • "Finding the prescription for better healthcare" Illawarra Mercury, Wollongong

    03 Oct 2015

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

    Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite writes that modern healthcare systems need more than just a spring clean, but a 'system reset'. The tens of billions of dollars spent of unnecessary medial tests and treatments is a waste. For some conditions, like coronary artery disease, most Australians receive excellent care, but for others such as obesity, antibiotic use and alcohol dependence, more than two-thirds of care isn’t up to scratch.

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