Past Alumni Events 2016

Past Alumni Events 2016

If you missed an event, don't worry. We captured the highlights from many, as images, audio and video. Experience our alumni gatherings and presentations as if you had been there.


2016 Backpack to Briefcase: Sydney - One Way or Another

26 April 2016

One Way or Another: Creating your career path

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you think about your professional career path? Is it climbing the corporate ladder, a certain role or working in a specific company?

For some, it's about the journey. It's about finding something you love, looking for ways to explore and develop your abilities and skills further, and seeking opportunities regardless of the company, job types or geographies.

Guest Speakers:

  • Lorie Cittadino MOrgPsych 2015 - Management Consultant, Organisational Capability & Executive Talent Development, Nous Group
  • Andrew Lewy BBA/BA-Psych 2011 - Managing Director, Toucan Marketing Solutions
    Dion Woo BEcon 1993 - Director, Blue Group Project

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2016 Blackshield Lecture and Alumni Reception - Law Reform

8 November 2016

Law reform in the 21st century

Globalisation and connectivity is powering social, political and cultural changes at an unprecedented rate and testing and challenging legal and regulatory frameworks like never before.

Join our distinguished speaker, Chairperson of the NSW Law Reform Commission Mr Alan Cameron AO, as he discusses Law Reform challenges in NSW within this new world order in his lecture “Law reform in the 21st century”.

Guest Speaker:

Mr Alan Cameron AO BA LLM Syd - Chairperson, NSW Law Reform Commission

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Watch the highlights on YouTube

Watch clip 1 - Law reform during the Roman Empire
Watch clip 2 - Australia's guardianship laws under the UN Human Rights Convention
Watch clip 3 - Blackshield salute to the 1956 Boilermakers' case
Watch clip 4 - Populism and the Law

2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Beijing

22 November 2016

Guests had the opportunity to hear from two fascinating guest speakers who shared wonderful insight of developing a successful career path and useful career advice to new graduates.

Guest Speakers:

  • Mr Lawrence Li MAF (2014) - Founding Partner, HETONG Capital
  • Mr Zou Jun MBA (2007) - CTO, Hainacloud, Ltd.; 2016 Australia China Alumni Association ICT and Media Award winner

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Brisbane

23 June 2016

The Property Industry - a metaphor for an executive career

When to act, when to wait? Is the property advice you receive frank and fearless, or is it tainted by self-interest? Are you listening to your gut? All of these are daily considerations in the property industry as well as the life of an active executive.

Guest Speaker:

  • Darren McCosker BA/DipED (1994), MA (1995), MBA (2003) - General Manager, Corporate, Nielson Properties

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Canberra

11 August 2016

Wine Symphonics - the intersection between art and science

Guests had the opportunity to hear from Macquarie University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius who talked about "Wine Symphonics: the intersection between art and science".

Professor Pretorius shared his insights into how new and innovative science can help make better wine and the significant impact of Synthetic Yeast 2.0.

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Hong Kong

19 November 2016

Hosted by Professor David Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Engagement and Advancement, guests had the opportunity to hear from an expert panel to discuss how incubation in business works, the role of the ecosystem for success and the role universities can play in driving an entrepreneurial environment.

The Panel:

  • Albert Wong - CEO, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
  • Guy Parsonage - Partner, PwC's Experience Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Benson Ng - Partner, Advisory - Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China Digital Hub Lead, EY
  • John Shi-Nash - Director, Macquarie Park Innovation District Strategy

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Melbourne

15 March 2016

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: London

6 September 2016

The Business of Design in Nature

Scientists have consistently looked at nature for answers to many of society’s perplexing problems and creative solutions. Nature has helped solved engineering problems such as security devices that can’t be copied and non-reflective surfaces for solar panels providing a 10% increase in energy capture.

But how do biomimetrics produce devices based on water efficiency found in animals and plants? What is the connection between the metallic-like wings of butterflies and iridescence of hummingbirds and the paints that never fade?

Guest Speaker:

  • Professor Andrew Parker PhD (1996) - CEO and Founder of Lifescaped

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Shanghai

24 November 2016

We were delighted to invite alumni to join us for Macquarie University’s Global Alumni Impact Series in Shanghai at the Ritz-Carlton Pudong. Together, we celebrated your achievements from 2016 with us and your fellow alumni, and was inspired to do even more in 2017.

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Singapore

5 October 2016

Innovation - The New Norm?

Singapore is a leading model of innovation and incubation with start-up ecosystems growing at an astronomic rate, resulting in extraordinary breakthroughs in a variety of disciplines from technology, medicine, telecommunications and business.

Governments, businesses and universities each have a role to play in creating start-up ecosystems and in providing research based solutions to societal problems.

Guest Speaker:

  • Sean P. Flanigan - Director of NUS Industry Liaison Office
  • Edgar Hardless - Chief Executive Officer, Singtel Innov8
  • Tracy Harris - Trade Commissioner, Austrade (Singapore)
  • Philip Kowalczyk - Senior Director, New Business Development & Strategy, Johnson & Johnson Medical Asia Pacific
  • John Shi-Nash - Director, Macquarie Park Innovation District Strategy
  • Professor Sherman Young (Moderator) - Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching), Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic - Operations, Macquarie University

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Sydney - Hearing

20 July 2016

Combating Hearing One Ear at a Time

Globally, 360 million people experience hearing loss and one in six Australians are currently affected by a hearing impairment, resulting in a wide range of adverse health, social and financial impacts. By 2050, one in four Australians will have some form of hearing loss.

At Macquarie, Professor David McAlpine (Professor of Hearing, Language and the Brain and Director of Hearing Research) along with a range of leading academics and clinicians are researching what the physical, mental and social impacts hearing loss creates for the sufferer and their networks.

This is a unique opportunity for alumni and University staff to hear from a 2016 Australian Laureate Fellow and gain frontline insight on Macquarie’s groundbreaking research into hearing loss.

Guest Speaker:

  • Professor David McAlpine - Professor of Hearing, Language and the Brain and Director of Hearing Research

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2016 Global Alumni Impact Series: Sydney - Innovation

7 September 2016

Incubating and Unleashing Innovation

According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, we are on the brink of an ideas boom that will turbo-power our economy and transform our nation well into the future. But what does this actually mean and how do we do it?

The Panel:

  • Katrina Johnson BA/LLB ’99 - Legal Director, Uber
  • Scott Player BCom ’00, PDMgt ’04, MBA ’05 - CEO, Ansible
  • John Shi-Nash - Director, Macquarie Park Innovation District
  • Nigel Freitas (MGSM Student) - Former Sky News journalist (Facilitator)

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2016 Launch Your Career Series - Data Analytics

9 August 2016

Data analytics: the sexiest job in the 21st century

How do you pursue a career in data analytics, the “sexiest job in the 21st century”? How do you find your niche market – is it technical or storytelling? Where is the future of data analytics headed?

We heard from alumni who are now successfully forming their career in the data analytics space.

Guest Speakers:

  • Blair Hudson BIT (2013) - Innovation Portfolio Manager - Data Science, Pepper Financial Services Group
  • Marko Slabak BComm (2010), MEcon (2015) - Data Scientist, Bulletproof Group Limited

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2016 Launch Your Career Series - Law

23 August 2016

Law alumni at large: careers outside the legal profession

Studying law at Macquarie opens the door to huge range of career options outside the legal profession. Whether you plan to start off in the profession and later diversify, move back after starting off elsewhere or whether you never want to work in black letter law at all, a Macquarie Law School degree is your launching pad.

Macquarie Law alumni can be found ‘at large’ in: government and politics, banking and finance, healthcare, journalism and the media, NGOs, publishing, the Arts, professional associations and all other fields of human endeavour.

We heard from two alumni who graduated in the last few years and have already used their inventory of transferrable skills in careers as diverse as journalism, finance and disruptive industries.

Guest speakers:

  • Lauren Knapman BA/LLB (2011) - Assistant Vice President, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Credit Suisse
  • Sally Rawsthorne BIntStudLLB (2013) - Sydney Confidential Report, Daily Telegraph

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2016 Launch Your Career Series - Psychology

22 March 2016

Psychology in the real world

Hear directly from alumni how to launch your career with your psychology degree. What are the different opportunities out there? Which skills should you focus on professionally and personally?

Our speakers share on applying the basic psychology principles to the real world, the importance of broadening your networks and gaining experience wherever you can, while you can.

Guest Speakers:

  • Sebastien Berlioz BSc(Psych)(Hons) (2011), MOrgPsych (2015) - Manager, People and Organisation, Pw
  • Olivia Boyle BA-Psych (Hons) (2014), MProfPsych (2015) - Provisional Psychologist, The Mindspot Clinic
  • Sarah McMurtry BA(Psych)(Hons) (2011) - Manager, MultiLit Research Unit, MultiLit Pty Ltd

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2016 Trendsetter Panel and Alumni Reception

25 October 2016

Preparing Children and Adolescents for a Resilient Future

Children and adolescents of all ages are facing increasing poverty, educational inequality, and mental health issues.

We have a moral obligation to create an environment where our younger generations can thrive and better prepare for the challenges and opportunities of life.

The Panel:

  • Dr Anne McMaugh - Lecturer, Department of Educational Studies
  • Dr Carol Newall - Lecturer, Department of Educational Studies
  • Dr Penny Van Bergen - Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Studies
  • Associate Professor Viviana Wuthrich - Centre for Emotional Health/ Department of Psychology

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