Past Alumni Events 2013

Past Alumni Events 2013

If you missed an event, don't worry. We captured the highlights from many, as images, audio and video. Experience our alumni gatherings and presentations as if you had been there.


2013 Backpack to Briefcase: Sydney - Designing your career


Designing your own career

Every graduate, every employee is different - their education, their background, their motivations and their aspirations are unique. Whilst most companies and employers do their best to encourage diversity, growth and opportunities, how can you be 'me' in an organisation and still be happy and successful?

Guest Speakers:

  • Luke Nichols (BComm (Actuarial)(Hons) 2010) - Derivatives Trader at Optiver
  • Elissa Playford (BEnvMgmnt 2011, LLB (Hons) 2013) - Operations Officer, NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Illegal Dumping Co-ordination team
  • Josh Stinton (BIntBus 2008, MBFR 2009) - A variety of roles including Manager - U-Collaborate, Advisory at KPMG Australia, Satellite Events Coordinator at TEDx Sydney and currently a Board Director - U@MQ Ltd at Macquarie University
  • Greg Smith (Moderator) (BEcon 1988) - Chief Commercial Officer, The Coop

Watch full video on YouTube

Watch clip 1 - How did you "design your own career"?
Watch clip 2 - Do you need to have a career plan now to design your own career? 
Watch clip 3 - Do you have a mentor, a confidant, or a guide in your own career? 
Watch clip 4 - How would you get a job now? What would you do differently with what you know now? 
Watch clip 5 - Does everyone need to have the 'entrepreneurial urge'? 
Watch clip 6 - Rapid fire questions

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