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Macquarie alumni events

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The University’s greatest priority is the health and safety of our wonderful and diverse community. To minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure, and in line with Government advice, we are postponing our physical events until further notice. The University will continue to follow Government advice, monitor the situation as it evolves, and provide event rescheduling updates.


Check out our online events and webinars!  Staying connected with us still a fabulous way to update your knowledge and rapidly expand your horizon.

Upcoming alumni events


Strategy 2020: Resetting for growth - Tuesday July 7

Join us for this FREE live webinar, presented by Dr Lara Moroko and Associate Professor Steve Jaynes.

Strategy practitioners use a number of well-known tools, including Five Forces, Value Chain, PESTLE. Three Horizons, SWOT, Blue Ocean, and Business Model Canvas. How useful are these tools for helping us address key strategic issues in the current environment?

Should we be changing the way we think about strategy? In this panel discussion, Associate Professor Steve Jaynes and Dr Lara Moroko will address this question, and provide insights as to how best to think about strategy in the current disruptive environment.

Associate Professor Steve Jaynes has over 20 years’ experience in research, teaching, executive development and consulting in the fields of business strategy, leadership, culture and change. He was previously the MBA Director and Deputy Director at Deakin University, and an Associate at the Melbourne Business School. Steve has published his research in the areas of organisational discourse, strategic change, leadership, and organisational culture.

Dr Lara Moroko has a commercial background in strategy, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. She has twenty-five years of experience working with some of Australia’s top listed companies and global leaders in financial services, IT, telecommunications, health and government.

The uniting purpose of her work is to enable transformation in people and businesses through deep collaboration and the creation of lasting value.

When: Tuesday July 7, 10am - 10.45am (AEST)
Where: Online, register here
Price: Free. This event is proudly sponsored by Macquarie Business School

France Alumni Network Online - Wednesday July 15

La France a vecu une période de confinement comme une majorité des pays de la planète. Cette période a été marquée par la mise en place forcée du télétravail comme alternative à la continuité de l'activité économique. Le confinement a démontré la résilience des infrastructures de télécomunication à distance, chose essentielle à la continuité du fonctionnement des activités des entreprise.

Alors que nous abordons le déconfinement, la question de savoir si le télétravail à grande échelle est un phénomène provisoire ou durable en France? Pour répondre à cette question et décrypter les grandes tendances post-Covid, Macquarie Alumni Network France vous convie à un webinar le 15/07/2020 à 19h15 en compagnie de:

- Stephane LEPORT, Directeur général délégué chez Nexity Immobilier Entreprise
- Benoit RENOUL, Directeur Marketing de TALKSPIRIT et auteur de l'étude Après-COVID: quel lendemain pour le télétravail?
- Konrad Florczak, Customer Success Manager at Planview, Inc, and Alumnus of MQ University

When: Wednesday 15 July 2020, 7.15pm - 7.45pm Central European Summer (GMT +2)
Where: Online, register here
Price: Free.

This event is brought to you by the France Alumni Network

Building a Cyber Resilient Organisation - Wednesday July 22

Join us for this FREE live webinar, presented by Assoc Prof Yvette Blount.

* Build awareness in the technology and cyber-crime trends that impact your business
* Demystify the technical jargon and different types of cyber threats
* Learn how to leverage best practice to proactively lead and manage the security culture and practice within your business

Before her academic career, Assoc Prof Yvette Blount worked in senior management and consulting roles relating to information systems in the banking and IT sectors. Her areas of expertise include anywhere working (telework, telecommuting), cyber security governance and ethics, e-governance, the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, effective utilisation of information and communication technology (ICT) including social media and utilisation of ICT in learning and teaching.

Yvette Blount’s research program utilises multidisciplinary approaches to investigate how information systems are utilised to achieve organisational strategies and objectives including anywhere working. Assoc Prof Blount is a champion of the pillar: Work, Skills, Knowledge and Education in the Centre for Workforce Futures Research Centre in the Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University. The pillar members research the changing workforce knowledge and skill needs in response to digital disruption (due to emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, automation, Internet of Things) and their implications for the location of work, education, training and inter-generational resilience. Yvette Blount is also a member of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub. She teaches on the Master of Cybergovernance and Management course that includes the units Cyber Security, Governance Frameworks and Ethics and Blockchain for Competitive Advantage.

When: Wednesday July 22, 10am - 10.30am (AEST)
Where: Online, register here
Price: Free. This event is proudly sponsored by Macquarie Business School

Unintended Consequences: How we invented the ocean plastic crisis  - Wednesday July 29

Join us for the latest Leaders, Innovators and Disruptors event in partnership with Aly Khalifa, Chief Innovation Officer of Designbox, for a discussion about how we invented the ocean plastic crisis.

Aly will discuss how we innovated our way into this problem as we neglected to understand the full context of our actions. To solve it we need an integrated approach.

Aly is a circular innovation entrepreneur focused on positive impact and sustainability. His training as a product designer and mechanical engineer is coupled with 27 years of inventive global manufacturing experience. This has enabled him and his team at Designbox to launch impactful products for some of the most recognized consumer brands.

His collaborations with distinguished talent have garnered dozens of patents and design distinctions. He is an Eisenhower Fellow with extensive experience in Asia. Having exited his own startups, Aly has been a leader in entrepreneurship including a recent appointment as Expert in Residence at iAccelerate, a leading business incubator at the University of Wollongong.

Currently Aly is serving as the Project Director of Plastic Collective and their current federal CRC grant to expand micro-enterprise recycling for remote and vulnerable communities and reverse the tide of ocean plastic.

When: Wednesday July 29, 12-1pm AEST
Where: Online, register here
Price: Free. This event is proudly sponsored by Macquarie University Incubator


Would you follow a robot leader? Leadership in the age of AI - Wednesday August 5

Join us for this FREE live webinar, presented by Randal Tame.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already better at certain jobs than humans, so why not leadership? If, as many people believe, leadership is reducible to a set of traits, then why can’t these traits be replicated through AI? And, if AI does lead will it be an authoritarian or a democrat?

These are not simply questions about the AI future of work but also about our understanding of leadership and whether our outdated leadership models can still be effective in today’s workplace.

In this webinar, Randal Tame will lead a discussion on these questions and examine why a new psychology of leadership is necessary to confront and embrace the emerging challenges.

Randal Tame is the Founder and Director of Influence Consulting. Randal’s work combines his 30 years of consulting experience with an expert knowledge in the application of the new psychology of leadership, group dynamics and team performance. Influence Consulting has advised the strategies of some of Australasia’s top companies, advised and coached executives on the development and implementation of strategic plans and designed, led and facilitated large- and small-scale leadership development and change programs. Randal’s qualifications include a MBA and a BA Psych and is Senior Lecturer in Management at MGSM, Macquarie Business School. Randal is also Lecturer in Leadership at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, ANU.

When: Wednesday August 5, 10am - 10.45am (AEST)
Where: Online, register here
Price: Free. This event is proudly sponsored by Macquarie Business School

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