Outstanding Macquarie alumni

Outstanding Macquarie alumni

We are proud of our alumni

Graduates from Macquarie University go on to make amazing contributions to Australia and the wider world.

We celebrate Macquarie alumni across a diverse range of fields. People who have made an exemplary impact on their communities.

Share in their successes, and consider sharing your own alumni experience with us.

Award winners

The University has granted Alumni Awards in the areas of Arts & Culture; Education; Environment; Innovation & Enterprise; Medicine & Health; Public & Community Service; International Achievement; Rising Star (aged 30 or under, for any personal or professional endeavour); Science & Technology; Sport.
For more information on the Macquarie University Alumni Awards.

Macquarie alumni have also been honoured with awards from the Australian Government on Australia Day and the Queen's Birthday holiday for significant contributions to the Australian community.

Alumni from or living outside Australia also contribute enormously to their communities and are often recognised by others, such as the Australian Chinese Alumni Association and Australian Alumni Singapore.


In diverse areas of business, Macquarie alumni have excelled and conquered, both in Australia and overseas. We have notable alumni who are accountants, bankers, corporate executives, financiers, realtors and statisticians, as well as successful start-up entrepreneurs.

Education and teaching

High achieving Macquarie alumni working in the areas of early childhood, primary and secondary education, as well as research and teaching in tertiary institutions. These graduates are helping to shape our country's future.

Engineering and information technology

Leading the way in information and technical advancements, these Macquarie alumni are innovative leaders across many sectors, such as consulting, energy, healthcare, security and transport.


With backgrounds in commerce and science, these distinguished Macquarie alumni are dedicated to caring for the environment. Their work includes climate change research, geoscience, science communication and sustainable development.

Honorary alumni

The University Council has honoured alumni and distinguished friends of Macquarie for their exceptional achievement or contribution to a particular field or discipline, or to the University and society. Recipients of a degree honoris causa are entitled to alumni privileges.

See the full list of past honorary doctorates.

International alumni

Whether an Australian or International student, a degree from Macquarie knows no bounds. We celebrate the success of our international and internationally based alumni across a range of sectors, including fashion, finance, international aid and public affairs.

Law, politics and government

Whatever their pathway through Macquarie, many graduates serve our community in areas of human rights, the judiciary, law enforcement, politics, public service and social justice. Important work that shapes the fabric of our society, our economy and our world.

Media and creative arts

Macquarie graduates have had a profound impact on the arts in Australia. Through a variety of media and channels, with diverse audiences, you can find our alumni amongst Australia’s most accomplished actors, artists, authors, comedians, entertainers, journalists, musicians, screenwriters and television reporters.


Graduates of Macquarie's psychology programs earn their dues in specialist fields, such as clinical psychology, clinical neuropsychology or organisational psychology. Their work improves people's lives in the critical areas of mental health, human performance, perception and cognition.

Rising stars

Some graduates from Macquarie are high achievers from the get-go. They inspire us with a passion that carries them into the stratosphere faster than others, and they create opportunities for those who follow.


From the mechanics of our world to the physical afflictions of the human body and the intricacies and contradictions of our hearts and minds, Macquarie alumni have blazed a path. They are nationally and internationally recognised across diverse scientific fields such animal welfare, food science, healthcare and medicine, military intelligence, physics and engineering.

Society, culture and humanitarianism

Some of Australia's most important historians and protectors of both animal and human rights have called Macquarie home at some stage. We are very proud of their work.


Situated in sprawling parklands, with extensive playing fields and world class sports facilities, Macquarie has attracted accomplished athletes, golfers, martial artists, swimmers and water sports champions. We celebrate their dedication to their sport.

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