Alumni Awards

Alumni Awards

The Macquarie University Alumni Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of alumni and provide an opportunity to share these inspirational stories throughout the University communities. The Awards serve as a source of pride for all alumni.

Meet our most recent Alumni Award recipients and read their stories.

Selection criteria

To be selected as a Macquarie Alumni Award recipient, nominees must have:

  • made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field; and /or
  • given outstanding service to the community; and/or
  • given outstanding service to Macquarie University and and be worthy of special recognition.

Alumni award categories

The categories have been developed to ensure alumni from all areas of local and global communities have opportunity to be recognised for their achievements.  We are seeking nominations that represent the diversity of Macquarie University. The five Alumni Awards categories are:

Innovation and Enterprise

This award recognises alumni who are forward-thinking leaders in their industry, profession, field of research or area of expertise. The award celebrates the visionary and the daring, across any field. This award might acknowledge sustainability and technology, elements of design and architecture and creative new ideas for an industry.

International Achievement

This award recognises and honours the outstanding contributions that alumni have made to international society through community service and/or professional achievements that have made a significant global impact. This could be either a one-off significant impact or an ongoing contribution, and could include both professional and community achievements.

Professional Excellence

This award recognises outstanding achievements of alumni in their professional fields. This could include alumni who achieve excellence in their chosen field spanning industry, government, research, the arts, sport, and more.

Rising Star

This award recognises outstanding achievements made by alumni aged 30 and younger (at the close of nominations). With a broad scope, the award celebrates what younger alumni have achieved in their shorter career span.

Social Impact and Service

This award recognises the personal contributions of alumni who, through service or philanthropy, improve the lives of those in need. This award also seeks to recognise the significant involvement of our alumni in projects that enrich local or international communities through activities such as volunteering, philanthropy and service to the community.

How to nominate

  1. Complete the Alumni Awards Nomination form. If you are nominating one alumnus in multiple categories, please complete a separate nomination package.
  2. Provide a written statement (maximum 500 words) detailing why the nominee deserves to be recognised and how they meet the criteria for the award.
  3. Nominations may also include supporting evidence: CV / resume, awards, media clippings, electronic media footage etc (maximum of three attachments).

Conditions of Entry

  1. Nominations will only be accepted from graduates of Macquarie University, the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre.  Honorary Doctorates who have not otherwise been awarded a full Macquarie University degree will not be considered for an Alumni Award.
  2. Current Macquarie University students who have not previously been awarded a full Macquarie degree/s are not eligible to be nominated in any award category.
  3. Nominations must be accompanied by the nominee’s contact details and may be contacted to verify their reference.
  4. An alumnus cannot win more than one award category in any calendar year and cannot win the same award category more than once.
  5. Awards will not be awarded posthumously.
  6. Joint nominations will not be accepted.
  7. The selection panel’s decision is final on all matters relating to the nomination process and the selection of award recipients, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  8. The selection panel reserves the right to select nominations to remain valid for up to two years. Nominators will be responsible for updating additional information.
  9. The selection panel reserves the right not to allocate an award in one of the categories if, in their opinion, there are no entries of sufficient merit. The number of awards allocated in each category will be at the discretion of the selection panel.
  10. The University reserves the right to disclose the identity of the nominator to the nominee.
  11. Personal information submitted to the University by the nominator or nominee, in connection with the awards, will be given to the selection panel for the purpose of judging the awards and will be stored in the University’s alumni database.  (Note: The University strictly adheres to the Data Privacy laws, policies and procedures relevant to the University.)
  12. The Macquarie University’s Office of Advancement (which incorporates the Alumni Relations Office) maintains strict confidentiality with all submissions and only notifies the award recipients, their nominators, and the nominators of all other candidates. Nominators should use their discretion as to whether to notify their nominees during the process.
  13. The nominator’s name, image and statement may be published and/or used in any form of media, in any context pertaining to the awards.  Permission from the nominator/s will be sought before publishing.
  14. Award recipients will be announced in Macquarie University publications and other channels with the prior approval of the Award recipient.

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