Alumni experiences

Alumni experiences

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Experience life at Macquarie University through the eyes of our alumni.

Campus has changed a great deal since Macquarie 's halcyon days. And each student's pathway through Macquarie can be quite different. So it's no wonder that these Macquarie graduates have such diverse stories to tell.

Our everyday heroes – alumni just like you – share with us their experiences while at university, and their challenges and triumphs since graduating.


Allison Hore

"While at Macquarie University I gained invaluable experience as a volunteer working with PACE international development programs in Peru and the Philippines. I still like to take up new challenges and make a difference through fundraising challenges. I encourage others to get involved through PACE programs."
Allison Hore, Bachelor of Arts, 2013

Jason Kiger

"Studying at Macquarie University had a massive impact on the way I view life, business and education. Macquarie allowed me to further my dreams and passions, and I have integrated the skills and educational mindset gained from my studies into launching my own business."
Jason Kiger, Master of Education, 2012

M. Towhidul

"Being an international student at Macquarie University was a wonderful experience. After returning home to Bangladesh with a PhD, I secured the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Law at University of Dhaka, the oldest university in modern Bangladesh." 
M. Towhidul Islam, Doctor of Philosophy, 2011


Elisabeth Boos

"After graduating from Macquarie University I was planning to move back to Germany but landed a great job at Google Books and News in Dublin. After 3 years I moved to Germany with Google Play Magazines, working with big industry players and travelling a lot."
Elisabeth Boos, Master of International Communications, 2009

Christopher Cheng

"Graduating from Macquarie University with a Master of Arts in Children's Literature enabled me to build on my experience as a bookseller and published children's author to teach in international tertiary institutions. I have the best job in the world!"
Christopher Cheng, Master of Arts, 2006

Fred Schebesta

"My years at Macquarie University were among the best. I remember fondly Dunmore Lang College, late nights in the computer science labs and food court burgers. What I learned in accounting and economics helped me to co-found a hugely successful business,"
Fred Schebesta, Bachelor of Commerce, 2003


Catherine Dunkerley

"I can't thank Macquarie University enough for my education and amazing lecturers. With knowledge of history, politics, economics and law, as well as a desire for adventure, I became the youngest trade commissioner in the New Zealand Government's history."
Catherine Dunkerley, Bachelor of Arts, 1999

Catherine Dunkerley

"I chose Macquarie University as it had a good reputation for economics, which was my passion when I was at school and in my early days at university.  I was working full time, and studying part-time by my second year. Back then, the part-time learning was at the early stages and I'm sure it's developed a lot since then. I remember having to finish work in the city, and be back at the campus for 6pm and 3 hours of lectures. And all the assignments had to be submitted in hard copy.
I've been in Marketing in professional services firms for 20+ years, and during this time I've had the ability to travel across Australia and internationally, and to work across industries and sectors. Right now, I am based in The Netherlands. A business degree gave me a good basis to develop a rewarding career.
My advice to students today is to keep at it, just keep going. Even if it gets tough, try and find a way to finish."
Jill Murray (Bachelor of Commerce, 1997), Chief Marketing Office, Arcadis

"It is partly thanks to my degree from Macquarie University that I launched myself into a career in international organisations. At the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services for 10 years I led investigations into people smuggling and corruption before becoming an advisor to the Nigerian Government."
Frank Montil, Bachelor of Legal Studies, 1993

"My best memory of Macquarie University was the first day. Looking over the Macquarie Theatre and seeing this whole new world waiting. Sitting on the stacks in the library surrounded by archaeology books in German and French. Meeting people from all over Sydney."
Karen Critchley, Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education, 1990


Karen Critchley

"I studied Mass Communications at a time when diverse forms of media were ground-breaking. I hosted a morning talk show about community arts on 2SER Radio with my friend Jannine Barron. That early focus on the arts fuelled my passion to be an artist; I'm a professional storyteller."
Anna Jarrett, Bachelor of Arts, 1987

Hunter Leonard

"My greatest experience at Macquarie University was a science field trip to Bourke, NSW, where we mapped animal and plant life on a farm. I remember fondly my time as a student and retain a love of the outdoors. I've had an award-winning career in sales and marketing consultancy."
Hunter Leonard, Bachelor of Science, 1986

Jenny Uzelac

"I remember the open spaces at Macquarie University. Everything felt new. Classes were small and mixed with school leavers and mature-aged students. I left the University knowing that education was not just for the young."
Jenny Uzelac, Bachelor of Arts, 1982

"I followed my eldest son Christopher into Macquarie University, where I eventually obtained a Master's degree in History, Philosophy and Political Studies. I have thanked the University for the opportunities offered to mature-aged women with a bequest in my Will."
Margaret Rush, Bachelor of Arts, 1973; Master of Arts, 1980


"I recall the exciting range of techniques, knowledge, attitudes and sense of inquiry at Macquarie University during a time of huge social and intellectual change. I can still visualise the marches, parties and seminars."
Peter Bradbury, Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education, 1973

Margaret Rush

"My best memory of Macquarie University was being one of two students in a tutorial with the English professor. It meant we couldn't hide, and we really discussed our work each week. I taught secondary English and history for years before retraining in special education."
Gwen Fergus, Bachelor of Arts, 1972

"I was accepted in the first part-time cohort of the MSc(Hons) in 1967, under Dr Blue Barclay. Macquarie was certainly in its infancy but it was a rewarding experience. I implemented Dr Barclay's innovative teaching methods as Head of Chemistry at another institution."
Dr James Pendlebury OAM, Honours Degree of Master of Science, 1970; Doctor of Philosophy, 1972

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