One Planet Ecological Footprint

Target - a One Planet Campus

Project targets - 25% better than benchmark ... (to start with)

"Achieve the same or more, using less"

As the University grows and develops the North Ryde Campus to accommodate more students, as well as research and development partnerships, it is important that we are able to ensure that we do so while reducing our impact on the planet.

To make sure that we are doing it right, the University has teamed up with the Footprint Company to create a "Campus Calculator" that allows us to measure our impact upon the environment. 

The question that ecological footprinting asks is: "how many planets would it take to support us, if everyone lived like this?"

One Planet 2030

Using the ecological footprint methodology and the ecological footprint calculator provided by the Footprint Company, we are able to rate our Campus, our buildings, our activities and also run "what if" scenarios, to improve our buildings and our activities. 

The key benefits of the approach are:

  • It represents real quantifiable progress against a defined goal
  • It is scalable (we can set a target at a square metre, a room, building or even Campus level)
  • That by definition it captures the key feature of sustainability that is often hard to capture with ratings. In other words, using something for longer, or using it efficiently and effectively so you don't have to create (build, purchase, consume) new stuff, means using less. Which is good for the environment!
  • That it has a "front end" that provides public information as well as a learning portal. Because of this it can be used in learning, teaching and research an ultimately progressing our concept of a Living Laboratory.

We will be launching the Ecofootprint methodology soon as we are still collecting data, but please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require further information in the meantime.

Want to use Ecofootprinting in learning and teaching?

We can set you and your class up with logins to the Learning Portal. 
Please contact us.