Mars Creek Wetland

Mars Creek Rehabilitation Project

Mars Creek drains from the suburb of Marsfield and flows for over a kilometre through Macquarie University into the Lane Cove National Park. 2012 saw the start of implementation of an environmental plan for this whole creek system within the University.

Ecological Engineering

Using natural and biodegradable materials, the first 200 metres of Mars Creek have been re-shaped into a more sinuous course, with gently-sloping banks stabilised by dense plantings of native sedges and grasses. A vegetated buffer zone will extend along both sides of the rehabilitated creek.

Improved Water Quality and Reduced Flooding

Water filtration is via a 200 square metre reed-bed wetland connected to the main creek, and 'bio swale' interception of several other storm water sources before they reach the Creek.

A second basin provides temporary flood storage and a back swamp habitat, suitable for frogs and other wildlife.

A footbridge across the creek connects with existing footpaths. This project is part of an environmental plan produced under Property's Sustainability Projects in 2011 for the Mars Creek catchment. The valley of Mars Creek comprises the largest area of open green space in the University, and has considerable potential for innovative environmental management.


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