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Macquarie University Property provides a wide range of key building, infrastructure, development, investment and asset management services across the Macquarie Campus. 


  • Property works alongside the University's Executive, as well as the Faculty and Department heads to best identify what infrastructure and building investments or developments will assist in the achievement of the University's goals.  Hence build a stronger future for the University.

  • Property is involved in the identification, planning and initial implementation of projects and partnerships that have the potential to significantly benefit the University, both now and in the future.

    Click here to view the Campus Master Plan.

Property Service Request (for Staff)

  • Property have a team of in-house and contracted professionals to provide preventive and corrective maintenance services to our buildings, infrastructure and grounds.

    There may be situations where you need to engage Property to deal with an issue. Here are some examples of issues that Property deal with -

  • leaking roofs
  • blocked toilets
  • emergency cleaning
  • leaking taps
  • faulty lights
  • air conditioning not working
  • faulty doors
  • lift breakdowns
  • power problems
  • furniture removal
  • faulty fume cupboards
  • bad smells - gas, damp
  • waste removal
  • pest control
  • safety concerns
  • Lodging a service request with Property

    All requests for service are entered into our management system called BEIMS.  From here all issues are managed from beginning to completion.

  • There are three methods to lodge a service request with Property:
    1. BEIMS Request - Many staff across campus have access to our BEIMS Service Request System and can lodge a request online.
    2. Property Service Request Form - Fill in all the details on the form and your request goes directly to our Customer Service who will raise a request in BEIMS on your behalf.
    3. Phone our Customer Service on ext 7145 for a more personalised service, a request will be raised in BEIMS on your behalf.
  • Frequent users alerting Property of maintenance issues are encouraged to seek access to the BEIMS system.  This can be done by phoning Customer Service on ext 7145 or lodging a Property Service Request Form.
  • Service requests are ranked to allow the maintenance team to respond according to priority.

  • Priority Description Response
    Emergency Life threatening response within 60 minutes
    High Further harm/damage will occur if not fixed response within 4 hours
    Medium Necessary fixes response within 5 working days
    Low No time constraint response within 14 working days

Property Projects

  • All building and infrastructure projects on Campus are managed by the Property Project Management team. They provide project services including research, space planning, design, procurement and project management to bring about the successful completion of maintenance, refurbishment, building work and infrastructure projects.

    The Project Management team work with the Director and Development Manager as a development project moves from initial planning to implementation.  The team then manages that project through construction until it is completed and ready to be handed over to the Asset Management team. 

  • Refurbishments, the identification on how to best utilise existing facilities and any other projects arising out of Campus needs are also managed by this team. 

  • Find out more about how Project Management works and have a look at some of the current and completed projects.

Facilities & Operations / Building Services

  • Facilities and Operations manage the maintenance and repair of the campus infrastructure.  Electricity, gas and water are also managed by this team. Macquarie University employ staff and engage contractors to ensure that help is accessible 24 hours a day.

    Maintenance activities include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition to prevent failure and/or degradation.  Maintenance activities do not involve a change in space classification or space use.

  • Examples of facilities maintenance include:

  • Basic custodial services
  • Routine painting of buildings
  • General building repairs
  • Maintenance of building life-safety and security alarm systems
  • Maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of plumbing, electrical and lighting systems
  • Pest control
  • Care of pathways and roads
  • Maintenance and repair of door locks and hardware
  • The team is always reviewing sustainability initiatives to implement cost effective repairs that lead to reduced down time and running costs.
  • For all enquiries or work requests relating to the operation and maintenance of campus infrastructure, plant and equipment, including air conditioning, toilets, lifts, and building and window maintenance, please use the Property Service Request online form.

Campus Grounds

  • Asset Management manage the University campus grounds. The work includes grounds keeping and landscaping on campus, as well as maintenance of roads, footpaths and lighting.

    For all enquiries or work requests relating to the operation and maintenance of the University campus grounds, please use the Property Service Request online form.


  • Here at Property we strive to embed sustainability in all that we do, from creating new buildings using sustainable design principles, to reducing our ecological footprint by ensuring efficient use of resources.

    Our concept of a Living Laboratory presents the built environments of Campus as a resource for learning and research. Read more....

Campus Security

  • Security provides a wide range of services, from patrolling the Campus to crime prevention, a Courtesy Shuttle bus, Building Access Control, Lost Property, parking regulation and permits, traffic enforcement, and the Security Alert Service.

    Security are based in Building C1A - 17 Macquarie Walk, opposite the Library and can be contacted on (02)9850 7112 or ext 7112.   For all Security emergencies please call (02)9850 9999 or ext 9999.

Space Planning and Management

  • Information about the different spaces on Campus
  • Advice on how best to use that space
  • More Info

Room Bookings & Timetables

Audiovisual Technology Services

  • Audiovisual Technology Services (AVTS) provides technical and operational support for the delivery of teaching to all groups of students, whether on or off campus.

    For more information, including the booking of equipment, please visit the AVTS webpage.


Contact Property

Property Service Request Form  


Property (Y6A - 2 Link Rd) General Enquiries:

(02) 9850 4104      
Available from 9:00am-4:30pm Mon-Fri

Customer Service:

(02) 9850 7145
Available 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 


(02) 9850 9999 (Emergency)
(02) 9850 7112 (Security Operator)
Available 24/7 

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