Universal Magazines

Wenxin Zheng and Xueling Chen
Bachelor of Media and Communications students

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Wenxin Zheng and Xueling Chen completed a 13-week placement with Universal Magazines, helping to support Kylie Baracz, editor of Dogslife magazine. The girls were responsible for article writing, social media and product research, building practical work-related skills and improving their English.

"I think it's been really helpful to have the opportunity test my skills in a workplace and now I have a much greater understanding of media ethics and about the whole process of producing a magazine," said Wenxin Zhen, "I would highly recommend the program to other international students."

Xueling Chen was particularly impressed with the practical experience PACE provided in her degree. "It's my first time to study abroad and when I found out I would also have the opportunity to work in Australia, I thought it was quite special. I'm interested in media so I wanted to know how it works. In China we don't have much social media so it's my first opportunity to learn how to do these things. From doing the PACE unit I've found that my communication skills have largely improved. I would certainly recommend the PACE program, it is not an ordinary internship program, it's so much more."

Kylie Baracz, Editor at Dogslife described the benefit of partnering with PACE: "PACE promotes the relationship between the partner and student. They don't just give you an intern and expect you to do everything. They also provide guidance and then follow up with you at the end, which is great.

"Not only can the students help with the work I am unable to do at the time, but it's great to see that they also have ideas themselves and we can bounce ideas off each other. I would definitely recommend the PACE program to other businesses. You have so much more support from a whole team at Macquarie University that is dedicated to making the internships work, so it's mutually beneficial.

They are really easy to talk to, their English is superb and their writing skills are amazing, so it really just shows that you can have interns from anywhere. They are all dedicated, especially those from the PACE program."