In an effort to work closer with the local community, Macquarie University is offering landlords (real estate agents or private owners) the opportunity to advertise vacant accommodation through the Private Accommodation website.

This is a free online service available to members of the public who have a property/bedroom they wish to rent out.

How can I register for this service?

To advertise your property online, please visit the following website You'll first need to register as an accommodation provider using your personal email address, as well as agree to the sites terms of use. Once registered you will be able to create and submit your listing for our approval.

Who can view my advertisement?

Your advertisement will be available to registered future and current Macquarie University students and staff members.

Please note that local rental laws need to be adhered to in order to advertise your property through this service (for more information please visit our FAQ page).

For more information about this service, or to apply online, please