Big History International Scholarship Winners

Big History International Scholarship Winners

Big History International Scholarship Winners

Aadidev Sabharwal, Macquarie Big History International Scholarship Winner.

The Big History Institute is pleased to announce this year's winners of the Vice-Chancellor's International Big History Scholarships.

The Big History Scholarships are partial international scholarships available to international students who apply for an undergraduate course at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.
We welcome Mr Gautam Gambhir and Ms Saijasi Singh to Macquarie. Mr Gambhir joins us to study a Bachelor of Applied Finance with the degree of Bachelor of Business Analytics and Ms Singh is undertaking a Bachelor of Laws.  

Applicants for the 2018 scholarships are eligible for a 25% tuition fee scholarship for any undergraduate program of up to 4 years in duration. 4 meritorious students will be awarded these scholarships in 2018. Applicants will be assessed based on their academic performance and compulsory Statement of Purpose.
The scholarships are open to international students who complete the Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) available through the COURSERA® platform.

Last year's winners were Mr Aadidev Sabharwa who is studying a Bachelor of Commerce with the degree of Bachelor of Laws and Miss Candice May Kroeker who is completing a Bachelor of Biodiversity and Conservation. Aadidev, an international student from India, said that the Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC promotes access to education and that the skills he learned completing the MOOC have continued to help him in his studies at Macquarie University.  

"MOOCs are a boon for students who want to get educated," Aadidev says. "MOOCs bring people together by breaking down barriers of age, income, gender and even countries.The Big History course emphasises critical thinking and I think that has helped me in my studies at Macquarie University. I'm studying economics and law and it's based on critical reasoning.Big History and the completion of that course left me with broadened horizons and an understanding of where we stand today and where we were in the past, and that reasoning will help me to figure out how we are going in the future. The strong foundation that Big History provided me has helped me to understand the economic and legal impact of the environment that surrounds us."

Applications for 2018 are now open for students who commence their studies at Macquarie University in 2018. We encourage you to register for the Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC, apply for the scholarship and bring your big ideas to Macquarie.

Find out more about the scholarships and watch a video of Aadidev speaking about how MOOCs have influenced his life and led to him studying at Macquarie University here.

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