You're Invited - Big History Anthropocene Conference

You're Invited - Big History Anthropocene Conference

You're Invited - Big History Anthropocene Conference

Image credit: "Base" by Guian Bolisay. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Over 30 leading academics and researchers from across the world will converge on Macquarie University in December for the Big History Anthropocene Conference to have a conversation that will define and dictate our future.

This three day conference (9 to 11 December) aims to tackle the critical challenges facing humanity from different disciplinary perspectives.

In the last 20 years the Earth has undergone change unlike anything we have ever seen. Humans have transformed the climate, the environment and the very earth we stand on so profoundly that some have proposed we have entered a new geological era: the Anthropocene.

Although the term has not yet been defined as a geological era by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, most acknowledge that we are in the midst of a momentous epoch with the potential to impact the future of life on our planet.

Shape the future of our world

We are stressing the planet in a number of ways.  Earth's temperature, ocean levels, and human population are escalating.  At the same time we are seeing pressures on ecosystems, loss of animal species, and competing demands on space to grow food, work and live.   

Humans currently dominate the biosphere and as a result we have real power to shape the future of our world.

By bringing together speakers from different backgrounds we can work together to develop solutions that connect knowledge across disciplines.

Speakers from a diverse range of disciplines will tackle climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and the changing face of law, economics and policy during the Anthropocene.

Together we will examine the implications for humanity's long term prospects and explore strategies to create a sustainable, healthy Earth and a better future.

Let's ask and answer the Big Questions

The lineup consists of expert speakers and panelists in the natural and social sciences including:

  • Will Steffen - Australian National University, Climate Change
  • Sylvester James Gates Jr. - University of Maryland, Physicist and US President's Council of Advisors on Science & Technology
  • Jan Zalasiewicz - University of Leicester, Paleobiologist
  • Linda Beaumont, Macquarie University, Biologist
  • Klaus Bosselmann - University of Auckland, Environmental Law
  • David Christian - Macquarie University, Historian and Director of Big History Institute
  • David Grinspoon - Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute
  • Peter Brown - McGill University, Environmental Economist
  • David Karoly - University Melbourne, Atmospheric Scientist
  • Jon Erickson - University of Vermont, Ecological Economist
  • Elise Bohan, Macquarie University, PhD Candidate 

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