Jake's Big History Excursion

Jake's Big History Excursion

Jake's Big History Excursion

Threshold 9 imagined by Jake 

Dear Miss Elle,

Thank you for accompanying us on the Big History Excursion on Tuesday.

The most interesting thing I learned in Professor Christian's talk was that the Big Bang theory was only introduced a few years ago. I was also surprised about the fact that not many people thought it made sense and (like everyone) was surprised how recently humans came into existence to now compared to the believed start of the Universe.

At the Biological Sciences Museum I really enjoyed all the interesting displays they had of stuffed animals and animal skeletons. The one I liked the most was Frank the Bear. I also liked the talk we listened to, how scientists say animals like Lungfish haven't needed to evolve like other animals have had to and the animal fossils we saw.

My favourite part of visiting the Ancient Cultures Museum was learning about what ancient people used/did in their everyday lives, like the "Harry Potter's wand that wasn't" that was used in Medes' and Persians' hair, the sponge on a stick and how Romans went to the bathroom, how fussy the Romans were to only pick up their own 'bullets' and the "button" that was used for board games.

After the excursion I feel I have a better understanding of ancient society & the supposed human ancestors and have learnt a whole range of new things.

I think future primary school Big Historians should go on this excursion because it was very interesting and I learnt lots of new things, it was very hands on (or eyes on!) and gave me a rough understanding of many things.

Yours sincerely,


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