Student members

Student members

student members

Big History Institute welcomes student members from around the world. Join our community of students and scholars and stay in touch with exciting new developments in Big History.

Student membership is free and student members include:

Threshold Nine - a monthly list of must-read news articles and blogs across the spectrum of Big History's eight thresholds to keep you briefed on the latest new knowledge - from insights into Big Bang cosmology (Threshold 1) to the discovery of new humanoid species (Threshold 6), or work on the future of our globally connected human society (Threshold 8). Threshold Nine will also keep you up to date with news and events from the Institute and Big History more generally.

Library membership - receive a 50% discount on individual Macquarie University Library membership. Normally $110, student members of the Big History Institute can become members for $55 and receive rights to borrow 20 items for 4 weeks with 2 renewals. Library members also have in-library access to research databases. To register, click on the Student Pathways to Macquarie University tab where your membership will be verified.

Invitations to attend Macquarie University special events and guest lectures, and related Big History events

Updates on admission and pathway options for Big History students at Macquarie University.

Join the Big History Institute as a student member

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