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'Big History: Connecting Knowledge'

  • Big History, Critical Thinking and Transdisciplinarity
  • The Universe, Stars and Planets
  • The Evolutionary Epic
  • Human History
  • Modernity
  • The Future

Find out more about schemes and scholarships related to the Big History: Connecting Knowledge course here.

Solving Complex Problems

The Solving Complex Problems specialization on Coursera uses the Big History framework to tackle Wicked Problems - complex problems that cross multiple fields, and are resistant to simple solutions. 

Global skills 

Three specialisation courses - Analysing Complexity, Evaluating Problems and Creating Innovation - equip global learners with the skills to succeed in the workforce.  Our courses are targeted at middle management and executive leaders in both the private and public sector looking to improve their ability to solve complex global problems.   

Become an expert in solving problems 

Over 60 academics from all faculties at Macquarie University have contributed lectures to the MOOC, lending their expertise and individual perspectives to supercharge complex problem solving. 

Enrol in the Solving Complex Problems course on Coursera.

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