Big History school

Big History school

Big History school

Macquarie University Big History Institute is pleased to announce that work is well underway on producing an entirely new Big History resource for schools, due for release initially in Australia in July 2018, with other countries to closely follow.

Big History School Junior is targeted at ages 8-9 (Australian school years 3 & 4) and will introduce key concepts, and be taught over 20-40 hours. We thank our experimental primary schools in Sydney, Putney Public and West Auburn Public, who have helped demonstrate over the last few years the incredible impact that Big History has on young students.

Big History School Core is targeted at ages 12-14 (Australian school years 7-9) and will be offered in both 200 hour and 100 hour course versions, providing a solid interdisciplinary foundation and preparation for students for their entire high school years. Big History School Core will provide an updated and renewed curriculum reflecting the latest academic scholarship since BHP was first launched. 

Big History School Senior is targeted at ages 15-17 (Australian school years 10-12) and will be a 30-60 hour course providing a powerful preparation for university. It will draw on Macquarie’s acclaimed Coursera MOOC Big History Connecting Knowledge and provide a thought provoking experience for senior students.

If you are a teacher or educator who wants to be involved in testing or piloting our new platform – we welcome your involvement.

Read more about Big History School here.

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