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Our courses

Our Courses

Big History School

Big History School is our innovative new platform for schools around the world designed to easily engage students and teachers alike. In a significant world first, we have created a resource with 3 separate courses available free and online:

Big History School Junior: ages 8-12

Big History School Core: Ages 12-16

Big History School Senior: Ages 16-18


Big History: Connecting Knowledge is Macquarie University's first ever Massive Open Online course (MOOC) on the COURSERA® platform. This epic transdisciplinary journey through 13.8 billion years starts at the Big Bang and travels through time all the way to the future.

The Solving Complex Problems specialization on COURSERA® uses the Big History framework to tackle Wicked Problems - complex problems that cross multiple fields, and are resistant to simple solutions.

Undergraduate courses

Macquarie is the international home of big history, and MHIS115 is its flagship unit. MHIS115 surveys history on the biggest possible scale, beginning with the origins of the Universe before progressing through a series of linked stories.

MHIS215: Problems in Big History explores some of the fundamental problems raised in the trans-disciplinary first year course, MHIS115: An Introduction to Big History, as they play out across multiple disciplines.

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