August Strategic Initiative Update

A Framing of Futures project implementation update

The implementation of Our University: A Framing of Futures continues apace, with another initiative completed, 20 underway, and four due to begin

"What we're seeing more and more, as these projects take shape and become part of the day-to-day activity of the campus, is how the work being done truly reflects the values we've identified as integral to what it means to be Macquarie University," said Chief Operating Officer Dr Paul Schreier, whose Strategic Planning and Information Office is overseeing the implementation phase.

"We're emboldening our people to make changes that challenge preconceived ideas about what we are now, and what we can be in the future."

These recurring themes of boldness and departure from the status quo have their roots in the original Our University: A Framing of Futures white paper, take on further definition in the new draft frameworks for our core business of Research and Learning & Teaching, resonate in the work of applying Lean methodology to the processes supporting this core business, and are illustrated through the new brand positioning of the Shared Identity project.

Research Framework 

The Research Framework White paper is on track for release by the end of September, just before the annual Research Excellence Awards. "Feedback on the Framework Green Paper has been challenging and enlightening," said Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research). "But most importantly it has revealed the support across a broad range of academic disciplines for setting ourselves aspirational but achievable goals."


Learning & Teaching Framework

Similarly, "our proposed Learning & Teaching framework will present an opportunity to rethink how our students learn, and how we conceive of our teaching," says the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching), Professor Sherman Young. "This is our opportunity to position Macquarie at the centre of a vibrant community of learning."

As well as an ongoing conversation on the Teche blog, staff can join the discussion about this Framework at Learning & Teaching Week, from 22 September.


Shared Identity

"The Shared Identity project brings the story of Macquarie to life like never before, and it is no coincidence that this bold new outlook for our brand reflects the roadmaps for change being implemented in research and learning and teaching," said Professor David Wilkinson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Engagement & Advancement). "Across all of these areas, we've started the work in this Jubilee year to ensure that in the next 50, and beyond, Macquarie is well positioned to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that arise."

The Shared Identity project will be revealed on 16 September. 


Inaugural Annual Conference 

The Macquarie community will get to experience first-hand how all of these initiatives are coming together at the inaugural University Annual Conference: A Framing of Futures on 3 October.