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List of ISP grant publications

Summary Report of Research Project: moocs@mq [PDF - 3.9mb]
Innovation & Scholarship Program July 2013
Jacqueline Kenney & Matt Bower, School of Education, Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University

Brew, A., Hajdarpasic, A., Jewell, E., and Popenici, S. (2012). Working in partnership with students; undergraduate research and the scholarship of academic practice. Paper presented at the Conference of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Research on Teaching and Learning: Integrating Practices. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 22-27 October.

Harvey, M., Baker, M., Bosanquet, A., Coulson, D., Semple A. and Warren V. (2012). Moving beyond the diary: innovation in design and delivery of reflection [PDF - 255k]. Australian Collaborative Education Network conference proceedings.

Petocz, P., Duke, M., Bilgin, A., Reid, A. (2012). Exploring Peer Learning: Student to Student, Lecturer to Lecturer. Asian Social Science. 8(14): 91-96.

Sin, S., Kalotay E. and Mcguigan N. (2012). Fit for Purpose: A curriculum resource for developing and assessing complex graduate attributes in a changing higher education environment. Presented at the RMIT Accounting Educators' Conference, November 2012.
Under review by Accounting Education: an International Journal.