2015 Innovation and Scholarship Program grant winners

Project lead Project title Amount Poster
Dr Danny Liu Holistic learning analytics for learning design and student success $57,000 PDF icon
Dr Cassi Liardet Academic Communication: Decoding Disciplinary Expectations $54,000 PDF icon
Ms Natalie Spence Presentations: supporting a key skill $41,000 PDF icon
Mr Dan Daugaard Industry Oriented Teaching: Industry Platforms Embedded in the Curriculum. $15,000 PDF icon
Dr Rod Lane 21st century teachers: Creating capacity for accreditation using mobile and tablet technology. $58,911 PDF icon
Assoc Prof Catherine McMahon Developing shared resources for interprofessional education $53,059  
Dr Leanne Armand Strategic Marine Alliance for Research, Teaching and Training (SMART2) $60,000  
Ms Tessa Green Facilitating a community of practice in student writing: training students to be effective peer writing tutors $59,911  
Dr Bianca de Wit A scalable, cost-effective, and highly immersive lab-based approach to undergraduate teaching in the cognitive and brain sciences $55,073