Vascular Science and Cardiology

Blood Flow

This research investigates the relationship between pressure and flow in blood vessels, and how transmission of the pulse is influenced by blood vessel wall stiffness - something that is becoming increasingly important in our understanding of heart attack and stroke.


This research includes cardiovascular imaging and preventative cardiology. Most recently examining the effects and safety of Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

This research is dedicated to surgical innovations, including application of the latest pioneering techniques to minimize surgical trauma and access sites and thus achieving a more rapid and comfortable recovery for the patient. This includes:

  • minimally invasive cardiac surgery
  • minimally invasive thoracic surgery
  • major thoracic aortic surgery


Research modelling and analysis of biological systems and image-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) including:

  • cerebral aneurysm risk analysis
  • surgical training systems
  • modelling & analysis of congenital cardiovascular circulation and surgery
  • hemodynamics
  • artificial organs

Medical Metrology

Quality control of physical medical measurements.

Most instruments that make measurements that are considered important in society, such as measurements for retail trade, are regularly maintained and calibrated, and calibrations are traceable to international reference standards.

An objective of this research is to raise the quality of physical medical measurements to the same or better standard.